I’m in Berlin!

While you are reading this I'm in Berlin, Germany! I'm exploring the city and this weekend I'll be attending The Hive – the European blog conference. I was there last year as well and can't wait to catch up with many fellow bloggers & friends. If you're at the Betahaus too: I'm wearing my pink glasses, come and say hi! ;o) And if not: I hope you'll check back next week as I'll share some highlights of my stay here. Liebe Grüße aus Berlin!

I've been in Berlin before, if you like you can read more about it here and here and here!

22 thoughts on “I’m in Berlin!

    1. Nice! Hope the real spring will have started by then. So far it's chilly, but really nice to be here though! Enjoy your weekend Emilie!

  1. This is so cool! Berlin is one of my fav places in europe and I guess the Hive blog conference must be such an interesting place to be. Hope to make it one year too, enjoy and share a lot. I'll come back for sure

    1. Thanks Stefania! Berlin is cool, not my favorite European city though, but I'm having a great time here! You should definitely try to attend The Hive some day, there will be another one in Copenhagen in Octobre. Sounds fun ;)

  2. Oh my!! I love the typo of 'Grüße' – it has even the German weird characters! If you ever feel like you wanna share the typo name with me, feel free:-))

        1. Hahahaha that's so sweet! I'm not sure if a typo would work, because I also like to “form” the word that I'm writing. But I'll consider it ;o)

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