Styloise: Cresus & Claude

Cresus and Claude were hanging out in the sun with some friends and were all smiles when I asked to take their picture. They're both students from Creil and very much into basketball and football. Cresus' favorite spot in the Oise is the basketball center in Chantilly while Claude prefers the football spot near the swimming pool in Nogent sur Oise/Villers-Saint-Paul. Their favorite restaurants are Le Golf in Saint Maximin and Sun Self Grill in Creil. Merci Cresus & Claude!

2 thoughts on “Styloise: Cresus & Claude

  1. Haha I remember those souvenir t-shirts from Singapore! The back has a list of all the fines you can get slapped with, from chewing gum to not wearing a seatbelt. A “fine” city indeed!

  2. Hahahaaa that's fun. I think at least the front looks better than the regular souvenir t-shirt, not so sure about the back now ;o)

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