Summer Froyo

Ever since my trip to Berlin in May, I dream of frozen yogurt. Somehow Berlin has this froyo culture which we don't quite have in France. So I decided to make some myself. And it turns out, it's super easy! As I'm not very fond of toppings and like the pure taste of frozen yogurt, I only used 4 ingredients.

you'll need:
750g yogurt (I used 0% but you can also use a richer kind like Greek yogurt)
100g sugar (for me this was too much, next time I'll use 25-50gr)
300ml cream
3 tbs honey

Mix the yogurt + cream + sugar. Stir until it's mixed and add the honey. Taste it! Adjust if needed. If you like it: freeze in the ice machine for about 45 minutes or place the bowl in the freezer and stir every 30 minutes until creamy & frozen. Serve & enjoy! Bon appétit!

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17 thoughts on “Summer Froyo

  1. I absolutely love the graphic with “cream” and … “more cream” *hehe*. Looks delicious! I would totally go for one right now. However I think my intake of ice cream is already gone over the roof this year!

  2. Isn't it great we are having a summer and the internet is full of popsicles, ice creams and frozen yoghurts.

    In London we have great frozen yogurts so no need to make my own, but I do make popsicles which I love.

    You use cream, honey AND sugar? Wow! A little too rich for me but still, looks delicious. Bon appétit:-)

    1. Merci Tina! Yes, so wonderful that summer is finally here! To get a creamy kind of ice cream (not sorbet or frozen fruit or popsicles) you need some kind of cream ;) Next time I'll reduce the sugar, it's was too sweet for my taste. A few popsicles are in the freezer right now… yummm!

  3. Thank you for sharing your recipe! I am going to make this for the weekend in the garden. Wouldn't it be fun to make tons of this, make a little stand, and give it away as a token “sweet treat”. I just may be reliving my childhood here though! Do you make ones for the kitties too? Coolwhip and Popcorn have Paw-p-sicles. :) xx

    1. Hahaha completely reliving your childhood there :D But giving away free scoops is a nice idea. I tried it with the #thelonelybouquet a few weeks ago, but no one took it. I never made popsicles for our cats, but they love chilled water more than ever. I remember they chased an ice cube once, but this week they have been rather inactive… too hot for them ;) xx

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