Sunday in Canada

On Monday Megan from The Fresh Exchange wrote about the importance of the Sunday walk. I can totally relate to that! Ending the week with some fresh air and exploring before the next week begins is just wonderful.
A few weeks ago, my husband and I spent the last few hours of the weekend in Canada. Or that's what I saw. I've never been to Canada, but the colors, the lakes and the light of our Oise region, totally looked like Canada to me. A different kind of traveling without moving 😉
I know what I'll be doing tomorrow, and you?

8 thoughts on “Sunday in Canada

    1. Hahaha not biased… I hear you! But I'd love to go, I remember your beautiful images from your trip last year and heard so many stories about Canada. Someday!

  1. I read that same post and forwarded it to my husband to notify him that we are going to do the same. We actually take walks quite often, but sometimes on Sundays laziness wins. I think that's something that should be a habit. And we even also have an amazing hike just around the corner. And yeah, Judith, Canada looks really similar to your pics. :) Imagination traveling!

    1. Great resolution/new habit! Hope you guys get into the rhythm and be lazy afterwards ;) Let me know how it goes! Good to know Canada looks a bit like my pics, some day I'll check it out myself!

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