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Before sharing my favorite spots in Barcelona, I wanted to show you these first photos from sunny Barcelona. The city pleasantly surprised me, the people were very kind, slower and more relaxed than in Paris (fore sure!) and kept talking to me in Catalan, which made feel less like a tourist. There was an abundance of palm trees, nice typography, sunshine, good food, even better gelato and very nice company. It was pretty hot with temperatures up to 35°C, but there was a nice sea breeze that kept it enjoyable. According to my tracker I walked a lot: 55km in less than 3 days. Through neighborhoods like Gràcia, El Raval, La Barceloneta, El Born, El Poble-Sec, El Eixample and my favorite Sant Antoni

And somehow I looked up, a lot: | Sunny Barcelona | Sunny Barcelona | Sunny Barcelona | Sunny Barcelona | Sunny Barcelona | Sunny Barcelona | Sunny Barcelona | Sunny Barcelona | Sunny Barcelona | Sunny Barcelona

Have you ever been to Barcelona? (or maybe you live there! lucky you!) If so, how did you like it?

10 thoughts on “Sunny Barcelona

    1. Thanks Desiree! There's sooo much to discover in this lovely city! I definitely need to go back to visit all the places I missed this time (like the botanical gardens!) ;)

  1. Beautiful pictures! So sunny indeed!
    I love Barcelona, this city has everything, sun, colours, the beach, a vibrant city centre, architecture and history, and tapas of course!
    I can't wait to come back to discover more!

    1. Yes you were right!!! I loved the laundry, the balconies, the people and the food! (I had a unfortunate experience with the xurros though, so I have to go back and have some proper ones!) Have a great trip to Italy, Deepa!

  2. I'm so happy you enjoyed Barcelona! It's one of my fav places! Not too big, not too small, cosmopolite, dynamic, free-spirited, open-minded, full of history, beautiful, hospital, close to the mountains and to the sea…what more can you ask for? :)

    1. Exactly: Barcelona has it all! I didn't have any expectations before I left, only that all the French that I know deeply looove Barcelona. And now I get it: it's really lovely! I'm already planning to go back later this year to explore some more :) Thank you for your sweet words, Anastasia! xx

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