The balcony scene

IKEA just sent me some additional shots from our photoshoot earlier this year. I remember this moment very well: we posed on the balcony of Studio Sapique when it started to rain. Our view was hilarious: to protect the camera & laptop from raindrops, the assistant covered them with his coat. From our angle he looked like a flasher.

We tried to look cool & serious:

But couldn't help but laugh:

And so did the team from IKEA:

All photos (except the last one) by Adrian Briscoe for IKEA Family live magazine.

6 thoughts on “The balcony scene

  1. Leuke foto's!! (en Antwerpen-tips… Your-Antwerp vond ik erg leuk, net als conceptstore Ra. En Urban outfitters, forever 21, American Apparel. Je komt je tijd wel door daar! ;))

  2. Judith, your house is absolutely amazing!!! Beautiful pics (Adrian made photos in my house, too :-)

    Thank you for visiting my blog soooo much, have a great day.

    1. Thanks Joanna for your kind words! Love your blog with a mix with photos & illustration & graphic details. I'll keep following it! Adrian made beautiful pictures of your home as well. And did you know we're actually “colleagues” now, both as guest bloggers for IKEA?

  3. Hi Judith,
    Thanks for popping over and saying “hi” on my blog. It was lovely to meet you at Hello Etsy. I've enjoyed having a look at your amazing renovation job – what a huge amount of work , but what a wonderful space you have created from it. I also enjoyed your Styloise photos and little snippets about life in that region- I spent quite a bit of time there when I was a student as I had a friend in Chambly.

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment Rhiannon! And so funny that you know the Oise from your time as a student! Chambly has one of the best flea markets in the region, we love going there every year. Have a lovely day :o)

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