The first radishes

It's almost ridiculous how proud you can be of something that grows without any effort, like a radish. No green fingers or any particular talents are needed to grow them. But knowing that they come from my own tiny vegetable garden makes me happy. And now there's finally some space for the melon seedlings!

Did you eat anything from your garden yet?

12 thoughts on “The first radishes

  1. If I managed to grow radishes, I would be very proud too! But then that's only because I have a black thumb. Marlon and I only grow herbs on our balcony (and use them very often), but we have to keep buying new ones because we keep killing them!

    1. Oh wow, a black thumb! I only have black thumbs when I weed & dig in the garden for too long ;o) By the way, overwatering is the biggest mistake with kitchen herbs… and of course you need a bit of luck. Have a great weekend Deepa!

  2. It is indeed ridiculous! how much happiness that generates. This year for the first time i am home enough to keep my plants really flourishing, and decided to sow radishes as well. The JOY of seeing little green thingies after a few days! :)
    Now hoping for my dahlia to grow and bloom, and a few days ago i sowed “ijsbloempjes” en “gipskruid”. And next week i am going to get some herb-seedlings from the garden at the daycare-center.

    1. Good luck with the radishes, dahlias, ijsbloempjes, gipskruid and herbs! And enjoy, it's so nice to grow your own stuff! I plan on finally planting my melon and tomato seedlings this weekend. They need more space ;)

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