The Typography of Travel 14

joelix typography of travel
joelix typography of travel

For this 14th edition of my Typography of Travel column, Clara from Tastesheriff is joining me with this amazing pink Konditorei signage she photographed! Merci Clara!

Expressen Newspaper – Stockholm, Sweden
Svenskt Tenn (interior design) – Stockholm, Sweden
Nybergs Konditori – Stockholm, Sweden
Story Hotel – Stockholm, Sweden
Stalands furniture – Stockholm, Sweden
Moderna Museet – Stockholm, Sweden
Pubologi (gastropub) – Stockholm Sweden

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14 thoughts on “The Typography of Travel 14

  1. Typography is such a strong visual stimulus! I once made an Instagram of a retro Gelateria sign in Italy and I liked it so much that I got it on canvas and now it hangs in my hallway:-)

    1. Dankje Stephanie! Toevallig zijn het beiden ook nog 'ns aanraders om te bezoeken. Pubologi was niet open toen ik er was, maar schijnt echt heel smakelijk en gezellig te zijn :o)

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