The Typography of Travel 17

Beautiful typography spotted on some of my travels:

Le Rex Club – Paris, France
De Boshoek (private home) – Vught, The Netherlands
Les Bains des Docks (aquatic center) – Le Havre, France
Polkagriskokeri (candy factory) – Gränna, Sweden
Kusine Bodil (toy store) – Copenhagen, Denmark
Het Rood Hekken (bakery) – Den Bosch, The Netherlands

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8 thoughts on “The Typography of Travel 17

  1. Gorgeous! I can't help but photograph typography in my travels either, but I've never considered placing the different places right next to each other. Love it.

    1. Merci Danielle! There is so much typography all around that I can't help but unite them here ;o) Looking forward to seeing more of your travel typography!

    1. Ja ik vind die van Les Bains des Docks ook super. Is ook een erg mooi zwembad (door Jean Nouvel), gesloten tot september voor renovatie, maar ik ga er graag nog 'ns terug ;o)

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