the Voice of a Vignette | White hyacinth flower

While half Europe is still covered in fog, you can find me at the Inner Interior today. The lovely Jocelyn asked me to style a vignette for her brand new series called the Voice of a Vignette. Merci Jocelyn!

You may also want to check out Jocelyn's instagram, where she shares many pictures of her dandy whippets: Coolwhip and Popcorn. I met them in Paris last year and still can't get over their grace and kindness. Can you believe Popcorn chooses to relax like this? No stylist involved?

And yes, please bring back the scratch 'n sniff stickers, or "scented internet", because this hyacinth, picked in our garden, smells so good! I wish you could smell it too! | White hyacinth flower

6 thoughts on “the Voice of a Vignette

  1. Hello Judith, you are so sweet with all your kind words about my little family, my boys are quite smitten with you too! We all look forward to seeing you again soon. Thank you for sharing your beautiful vignette with us today, I am always amazed at how much I learn through others. As always, your photography is spectacular! Cheers to a wonderful weekend! Jocelyn, Coolwhip and Popcorn xx

    1. Dankje Stephanie! Hopelijk had je ook een heerlijk weekend? Hyacinthen ruiken zooo lekker… totdat ze omslaan en echt heel vies gaan ruiken. Gauw op de composthoop dus ;)

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