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By now it's a tradition: our sunday walk. Last weekend we went to see the sea, yesterday we walked closer to home, between Senlis and Crépy-en-Valois. Certainly not the prettiest area in the Oise, but when the sun is shining and the company is pleasant, the location doesn't really matter. In the sunlight, filtered by a slight layer of smog, the blossom looked pretty & bright: | Pink blossom in France

I hope your weekend was just as bright & sunny and that you're ready for a new week? Maybe you even styled a spring or easter setting with green plants for this Thursday's Urban Jungle Bloggers challenge? I'm very much looking forward to it! | Pink blossom in France | Pink blossom in France

Eleven months ago the blossom looked like this!

7 thoughts on “Sunday blossom

    1. Thanks Giova! I think we got lucky, today is all grey again. I really liked your UJB sneak peek and can't wait to see more on Thursday! xx

  1. Sunday walks sounds like a fine tradition. Those cherry blossoms are simply divine, it makes me miss the one I had at my previous home. Beautiful! xx

    1. Thanks Mel! Sunday was are such a nice tradition, at least we enjoy it a lot. Sorry that you miss your blossoms, the ones in our own garden (no cherry though) will take a few more weeks until they're ready. I especially love it when they start to fall off: just like snow :) xx

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