Urban Jungle Bloggers #15

JOELIX.com | Coffee & Plants

Plants and coffee! I knew I had to play around with this month's topic a little bit, because coffee is my out-of-the-house pleasure: I never drink it at home! Tea or tequila were also an option, and actually I planned to style a bar cart. That was until I found a tin of fresh coffee beans and my beloved Illy espresso cups. So here's my to-the-letter interpretation of our Urban Jungle Bloggers theme. I can tell you, it smelled amazing!

JOELIX.com | Coffee & Plants

Actually I am pretty happy that I'm not addicted to caffeine. No "stress" to get that first cup in the morning or drink too much and get all shaky. But I do love the entire coffee culture with coffee houses, latte art, slow coffee brewing, fresh beans. Oh and my favorite coffee experience ever: qahwa turkiyeh, Turkish coffee that we had in Egypt. Super strong with sugar and lots of grounds. Hmmm!

JOELIX.com | Coffee & Plants

Small Illy espresso cups, means small plants. I potted some big babies that I grew from leafs, a small aloë vera, a spiky Haworthia succulent and a mini cactus that was a gift from a friend.

JOELIX.com | Coffee & Plants

How do you drink your coffee? With plants I hope?!

JOELIX.com | Coffee & Plants

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Fore more plants and coffee, check out the gallery!

45 thoughts on “Urban Jungle Bloggers #15

    1. Yes, apparently is very beneficial for leafy plants, so I'll definitely try that with some of my Monstera. I bet your mother-in-law had a beautiful jungle ;)

  1. Yesssssss! Big fist pump, I was hoping you'd do something like these with all little things scattered – love it so much Judith! Turkish coffee is so unique, I loved having it when I was in Turkey a few years ago, it's a bit hard to forget isn't it? (in a good way!) x

    1. Oh yessss, the Turkish coffee left a lasting impression. I need to go back for more ;) And thank you for the kind words, very happy you like my styling! Yours is so pretty too, Helen!

  2. Hello Ms Urban Jungle Blogger co-founder

    How interesting that you only drink coffee outside but I can somehow understand that. I also get the non-addictive bit in the morning.

    Love that despite this you stayed true to your theme.

    Love the little succulents in your Illy Espresso cups, so cute.

    Great post x

  3. I've already laughed in the announcement email about the tequila:)
    Your pictures are looking great. It's such a nice idea with the coffee beans.
    By the way, my painted mugs are finally online.
    Greatings, Leah.

  4. Oh I am so in love with your interpretation of our topic, Judith! Such a nice idea for a non-coffee drinker! So on our next coffee date I'll have a cup of coffee and you a cup of succulents!! :-)

    1. Yes, let's plan our next coffee & succulents date some time soon ;) But for now a virtual cuppa to celebrate another fun round of UJB! Cheers Igor!

  5. Hi Judith!! Your styling is stunning! I love the illy cups and I have a big collection of the limited series they make cause my father owns a restaurant and gets them for free :))) It's funny just today I was thinking about using them for the styling but in the end the mate won me!!! ;) Your job is always inspiring! A.

    1. Oh yeah the limited edition Illy cups, I remember those! Love their perfect design. And thank you, Ale, for showing us your lovely nursery, it looks amazing! There must be something in the air in Argentina ;)

  6. illy coffee cups and little succulents, what a great combination.
    Really lovely Judith. Hope to join you soon this month with some coffee+plants love from my home.
    have a nice friday

  7. I absolutely love your interpretation of the Plants and Coffee theme. The little succulents in coffee cups look adorable! I've never tried growing a succulent from a leaf – I'd like to give it a go.

  8. I absolutely love your interpretation of the Plants and Coffee theme. The little succulents in coffee cups look adorable! I've never tried growing a succulent from a leaf – I'd like to give it a go.

  9. Argh these are so damn cute Judith! A great interpretation (makes me want to do the same with my espresso cups as we don't drink coffee that strong in our house. I've still yet to make the coffee myself (I leave that to Rob as you saw in my post) and like you I'm not addicted to getting a hit several times a day, so it's lovely to enjoy every now and then. X

    1. Exactly, so nice to make it extra special when you get to drink it, right? I love it! Looking forward to seeing your plants in cups anytime ;) xx

  10. This is adorable! And what a great idea to use espresso cups as planters – such a creative interpretation of the topic! I took part in Urban Jungle Bloggers for the first time this month it's been so fun to see everyone's photos!

    1. So happy that you enjoyed it so much, Zhi! I think it's what happens when you're an Urban Jungle Blogger: you see planters in any container ;) Thanks Zhi!

    1. Oh yes, I can't wait for spring! All plants are in hibernation, I'm very much looking forward to growth and blooming again ;) Thank you Zsuzsi! xx

  11. These are so cute! You can never go wrong putting tiny plants in tiny cups! Succulents are great too as they don't mind drying out so much. I had a great time styling my post this month, I used my favourite cafe as inspiration. Such a fun monthly link up!

  12. Love love love coffee and plants and illy cups.
    I happily managed to join too, for this unmissable appointment for a coffee lover like me.
    See you next time :-)

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