Urban Jungle Bloggers #16

JOELIX.com | hanging planters DIY with neon fishnet tights

When we chose February's Urban Jungle Bloggers topic I thought this would be easy peasy. There are so many cool DIYs out there to make a beautiful macramé plant holder. Until I realized I didn't have any nice rope or fabric. I tried to make something with electrical cords (which we do have in all the colors of the rainbow for the renovation of our home 😉 ), but that didn't work out. Neon fishnet tights to the rescue!

JOELIX.com | hanging planters DIY with neon fishnet tights

I found this package of PaParee tights (love that brandname!) in my stash of DIY stuff and 10 minutes later I had my three hanging planters. Plus two hands full of cactus spines, ouch! The tall paddle leaf cactus needed some extra space and support to grow, so I made a hoop from electrical cord that I wove through the tights. Easy peasy after all!

JOELIX.com | hanging planters DIY with neon fishnet tights

But how do you attach a hanging planter to your ceiling without drilling holes? I have no idea, we don't have curtain rods, or wooden beams. I decided to make a temporary setup in our kitchen with a broomstick, a wooden plank, some cartons of milk on top and Tadaaah!

JOELIX.com | hanging planters DIY with neon fishnet tights

Once I finished taking the pictures, the sun came out. And I loved the shadows of the tights and plants so much, that I just had to do it all over again. Oh the joys of early spring weather in France 😉

JOELIX.com | hanging planters DIY with neon fishnet tights

JOELIX.com | hanging planters DIY with neon fishnet tights

Like when I built my temporary plant shelfie, I wanted to share a behind the scenes picture. Our cat Wally wasn't really sure about it:

JOELIX.com | hanging planters DIY with neon fishnet tights

See? Hanging planters are very easy to make yourself! You can even hang them on a wall (with a simple nail), on a hook in your window sill, or on a broomstick 😉 Do you have hanging planters at home? Share them on instagram or twitter with #urbanjunglebloggers or check out the gallery for more inspiration!

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Fore more hanging planters, check out the gallery!

20 thoughts on “Urban Jungle Bloggers #16

  1. Ahahahahaha I love the wondering cat looking at your quirky hanging planters:-) I guess she might be wondering a lot what you're doing recently:-) Such a cool idea to create hanging planters out of fishnet stockings – I mean serioulsy, who wears those anyway?

  2. Haha, you really make the best 'behind-the-scenes' photos, and Wally is just so funny! Um yes, cats: my major concern when it comes to hanging planters (that and the -not- drilling holes in the ceiling bit), can we really ever hang them high enough? =^x^=
    And seriously though: fishnet stockings, so clever!

  3. Your post make me smile. What a brilliant idea for transforming regular pots into hanging planters! Unusual colours for tights – but how gorgeous and vibrant they look set against your plants.

  4. I can't think of anyone else who would come up with this idea… fab re-purposed and upcycled endeavour:-) They look great. The idea of cucculents, cacti and fishnet tights is indeed funny!

    I'm loving seeing what everyone else did. Great topic this month x

  5. I love this idea, Judith. Actually I think this is much better than macrames. You see those everywhere. This one is fresh and unique. You did a great job.

    Thanks for the behind pictures. It feels good that I am not the only one running areound with a broomstick and a ladder.

  6. This is super cool Judith! I think you should sell them, they'd go super well! I love once again seeing the behind the scenes shot, it's gold:

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