Urban Jungle Bloggers #17

JOELIX.com | Euphorbia succulent with feathers

Spring is here! We had some incredible sunshine this week and the first cacti in the greenhouse had a growth spurt! The Euphorbia ingens succulent (no it's not a cactus!) in our kitchen is still in hibernation, so he let me dress him up for Easter without resistance 😉

For last year's Easter styling with Urban Jungle Bloggers, I created a nest and planted succulents and cacti in egg shells. Spring and Easter means eggs & nesting to me, which is very real here at home because we have a green woodpecker couple nesting in a tree outside. They are loud and squawk day and night. I call them terror birds.

JOELIX.com | Euphorbia succulent with feathers

Anyway, back to our Easter styling with plants. I realized I had this box with fluffy feathers that I collected as a 7-year-old. So I turned my Euphorbia into a bunch of Indians and Easter bunnies:

JOELIX.com | Euphorbia succulent with feathers

A feathery nest requires a fluffy nest-like plant, like this hairy cactus, a Cephalocereus senilis (a.k.a. Old Man Cactus hahaha):

JOELIX.com | Cactus with polkadotted Guineafowl feathers

My favorites as a 7-year-old girl were the polkadotted Guineafowl feathers, the small red Ara feather and the pink one… of course! This is the entire collection:

JOELIX.com | Feather collection

Fluffy and ready for Easter:

JOELIX.com | Cactus with polkadotted Guineafowl feathers

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27 thoughts on “Urban Jungle Bloggers #17

  1. Oh how sweet! I love feathers…there is something special about them, they are like pieces of art with every one being different just like plants. This has brightened my day. I am so happy to see how you and Igor have contributed to making the “blogoshpere” a better place simply by being who you are. Much love, Jocelyn xx

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Jocelyn! It's been such a wonderful green adventure with Igor and all the other fab bloggers! Very humbling, fun and natural. And I loved playing with my old features for this month's topic, I agree their artistic beauty matches the plants very well. Bisous!

  2. It's a cactus Paskris! So cool Judith, but I wouldn't expect anything less. So sweet that you kept your feathers from a child, they are so very perfect for the now. Big hugs, Mel x

    1. Thank you for your kind words Mel! I agree the feathers were a surprisingly good fit. Sometimes you have to twist the topic a bit ;) It was so much fun to play around with the old feathers and recognize their shapes and colors from a long time ago ;) bisous!

  3. Hi Judith, I LOOOOve this idea, not just because I love feathers too, it's simply beautiful and so easily achievable. I am behind schedule with Urban Jungle Bloggers, in fact I just posted #16 (the hanging plants one) but have already got plans for this month topic too.
    Sooooo, see you soon guys.
    Happy spring for now

  4. Your UJB posts are always so fun! And I love that you used your childhood collection of feathers. Revisiting those collections bring so much joy. Have a great weekend, Judith!

  5. You really have the most fun UJB posts. Always puts a smile on my face.

    Love your feathers. Really beautiful and your Euphorbia looks happy in the outfit and may I say 'very smart' too.

    Great twist and I don't envy you with the woodpecker couple.

    Always enjoy the UJB experience:-) xx

    1. hahaha you have Woodpecker experience? Not that cool, huh? By now they calmed down a little bit (they are probably nesting?). I hope we get at least to experience the chicks flying out in a few weeks. Thank you for the compliment about the UJB post. You have to keep it fun, right ;) Glad you had a great weekend in Berlin! Have a nice week ahead in Berlin or London, Tina!

  6. Ha ha love these cheeky cacti :-) Cute as a button. Happy Easter Judith , the weather looks amazing where you are – here it is positively wintry xxx

    1. I hope the beautiful spring weather finally reached CPH too! It's so nice, almost felt like summer these past few days, it feels great! Have a great week ahead, Anya! xx

  7. Superleuk die veertjes. Ik zie dat jij ook op de grond tuurt in dierentuinen etc?Je hebt er mooie gekleurde exemplaren tussen zitten. Fijne Pasen!

    1. Dankjewel Yzette! Ik denk inderdaad dat er wel 'n paar uit een dierentuin komen en ik denk dat die rode van een Ara uit ons lokale tuincentrum komt, destijds. Let jij ook altijd op veertjes? Fijne week!

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