Filming in the greenhouse | Filming in the greenhouse

A few weeks ago a film crew came to visit me in the Oise. It was one of the coldest days of March and after a sunny week, it was unfortunately overcast for most of the time. But we had a fun day: I showed the team around our greenhouse, talked about my plants (even hugged one!), over-watered them for some cool slow motion shots and ran through the forest near our home. | Judith de Graaff in her greenhouse

The video is part of the IKEA Go Green campaign that we launched with IKEA Germany and Urban Jungle Bloggers. The idea was to show how we live with plants. Our home is currently a bit of a mess because of our ongoing bathroom renovation (I know… it's been 11 months…), so we filmed exclusively in the greenhouse, surrounded by my approximately 150 plants:

The film crew also traveled to Munich and followed Igor on a little trip to find yet another plant for his 32m² apartment. You'll see in the video below that he's such a natural speaker, very much at ease on (and off!) camera. It's been such an honor to work on his side for our Urban Jungle Bloggers project over the past 18 months. He truly is Mr. Happy, always clever and bright, we laugh a lot behind the scenes 😉 Check out his happy Munich abode with 1 plant/m²:

Merci beaucoup Christina, Eva, Carl-Heinz and Andreas! I promise, next time you'll come visit, it will be warmer 😉 | Filming in the greenhouse

12 thoughts on “Filming in the greenhouse

  1. Oh my, I think I am blushing here – thank you Judith for the nice words. I couldn't be happier than with you as my Urban Jungle Bloggers partner!! Here's to more exciting green projects to come!

  2. Ahhh Judith you are so cute! Love the video. And I see, there is still a lot of potential in my home. One plant /qm like Igor…. a long way to go.

    Judith, your greenhouse is A-mazing!

    Greetings from sunny Hamburg Kathrin

    1. Thank you so much Kathrin! That's so sweet :) And yes, there is always plant potential, no matter the size of your home! Hugs from France!

    1. That's so kind of you to say, Lena! It was a very relaxed setting, so I guess it shows :) It's always a bit strange to see and hear yourself speak and move with all those mannerisms, but well… that's me :D

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