Urban Jungle Bloggers #21

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Art

Today we kick off the third season of Urban Jungle Bloggers! After a hot and busy summer we are back with a new topic that I like really much: Plants & Art. One of the twenty-seven rooms in our home is my atelier. The plan was to use it as the room where I would paint and work on my artwork. But I'm using my creativity in different ways these days and my atelier turned into a prop room for shoots and gift wrapping stuff. Or in other words: one big happy mess. For this Urban Jungle Bloggers edition I turned it into a botanical corner:

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Art

For my styling I used some vintage frames that I painted white. It's so easy to turn a simple leaf into a piece of art with a simple frame. The framed plant in the photo above is my most precious botanical art: my stepdaughter Rose made it for me at least a decade ago from cardboard, paper and toothpicks. The green paper faded and has now the prettiest greenish and mint colors. Such a sweet gift

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Art

On the wall I also hung a botanical art print by Maaike Koster from My Deer Art shop. It's a satin glossy art print of a watercolored fern. She also created a Monstera, Sanseveria and a Japanese Banana leaf. If you participate in our collaborative challenge with at{mine} and upload your Plants & Art photo to atmine.com you can win one of these botanical art prints! Read the exact details right here.

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Art

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Art

If you frame your plants you get 3-dimensional art:

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Art

And now for the unglamorous side of this little UJB shoot: it was 38,5°C in my atelier: a sunny day, big glass windows and no opening windows, it felt just like a greenhouse so my plants were happy!

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Art

And the big classic: a soil accident:

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Art

How do you combine art and plants in your home? The first contributions to #StyleAtMine x #urbanjunglebloggers were amazing and I can't wait to see more plants & art!

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For more Plants & Art, check out the gallery!

21 thoughts on “Urban Jungle Bloggers #21

  1. I love your studio styling and I can sort of feel the heat even though it is pretty fresh now here:-) Here's to a great new Urban Jungle Bloggers season!

  2. I love your atelier and your green corners, especially because I see that there are some “little” green works, full of colors, made by “little” hands! :-)

    1. Thanks Marij! Yes, apart from the extreme temperatures (it freezes in the winter!) it's a great place to work on creative projects and just close the door and leave the mess behind ;) See you on Sunday!

  3. What a collection, Judith! Such an easy, but great idea to frame leaves. We have lots of vintage frames that we picked up really cheaply at an auction and they're so handy for being creative- you can just keep repainting them and using them in a different way when you want a change up!

    Judging by the posts so far, I think you'll have a hard time picking a winner on this one! x

    1. You're totally right Hollie! It will be a difficult task to choose 1 winner… nearly impossible as there are so many great plant & art contributions! So fun to read that you enjoy vintage frames as well. I've had these for quite a while and it was obvious I had to use them for this styling. They are so versatile, right?! xx

  4. Wow! I love your workspace, the plants and all the artworks. Your photos are great. I love rooms that look like someone works and lives there. Those photos have something magic. I like this. Mostly I don't dare to publish photos from my home when it´s not proper styled. But those pictures have something special. That´s live. That´s reality. Love it!!! Have a nice and creative day… Michaela

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