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Plants & Glass: seems like the perfect topic to get back into the blogging groove as Igor and I have been delved into planty of work for #urbanjunglebook in these past few months. We just finished the first manuscript and lots of photography, so I almost feel like my plants: waking up after months of hibernation, or well after lots of work & focus. I was so inspired by one of the homestories we shot for #urbanjunglebook that I added more saucers to my plant pots, bought a new watering can and put a few succulent cuttings in some Pyrex lab flasks filled with water. More water, more plants, more glass! It's a very tiny revolution because I never grew cuttings in water. Avocado pits, succulents, palm trees: I usually propegate them in soil. But water and glass looks pretty. And the big advantage: you can see the root development through the glass instead of guessing and pulling out cuttings from the soil to see if they are still alive.

JOELIX.com | Plants & Glass

For this month's Urban Jungle Bloggers topic Plants & Glass we worked together with Holmegaard, the Danish Design glassware brand that just launched a beautiful collection of botanical glassware. Their new Gaia Plant Glasses immediately caught my eye: I love their matte bulb shape and the bowl on top, almost like an hourglass. But little did I know that these beauties are actually very clever self-watering vessels! You simply fill the lower bulb with water (and close with the cork stop) and a nylon wick makes sure the plant gets the right amount of water, immediately at its roots. And really: it works like a charm! I planted some Peperomia in the smaller vessel a few weeks ago and they grew significantly bigger than the ones I watered myself. The pencil cactus also loves the Gaia plant glass: look at all the fresh new branches!

JOELIX.com | Plants & Glass

The Gaia plant glasses are designed by American glass designer Aric Snee for Holmegaard. All Gaia plant glasses are hand blown and have a clear glass top and a frosted glass base. Depending on the kind of plant, the reservoir can hold enough water for 2 weeks. I love how the sunlight shines through the matte glass:

Remember the wandering jew cuttings (Tradescantia zebrina) I "found" at a lounge bar in Helsinki? They're growing like crazy in the Normann Copenhagen cognac glasses:

JOELIX.com | Plants & Glass

In the smaller Gaia plant glass I planted four cute Peperomia plants with different foliage. Peperomia are very hardy plants, they handle neglect very well and come in surprisingly different kinds of foliages: blueish green, burgundy, fresh green. They usually stay low in height and like humid air, so I may place them in our bathroom next! And a cute detail: in Brazil they are seen as a lucky charm and used as a reassuring gift that says: “Everything will be all right”. And I think everything will be all right in my jungle!

JOELIX.com | Peperomia

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Blog post in collaboration with Holmegaard

12 thoughts on “Urban Jungle Bloggers #28

  1. I think it's pretty nice to grow your plant in glass, waiting for roots and I'm happy to be part of Urban Jungle Bloggers too https://zivotnaseveru.wordpress.com/2016/04/21/urban-jungle-bloggers-plants-and-glass/

  2. I loved the new glass vessel you and Igor used! I think like you said, what I loved the most ( other than the shape and the functionality) is the two-toned look – the clear top and frosted bottom. Adds more interest! :)
    I want to get the Peperomia too, hopefully this summer!

  3. The new Gaia planters look just so much at home in your kitchen, Judith!! I think your plants will thrive in those magic self-watering planters and with all the natural light you get in there!!! Let's see how our plants in the Gaia planters look in a month from now:-))

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