Urban Jungle Bloggers #6

JOELIX.com | Urban Junge Bloggers 1 plant / 3 stylings #urbanjunglebloggers #urbanjungle #industrial

I'm very happy that it's that time of the month again: today Igor and I are hosting our 6th episode of the Urban Jungle Bloggers adventure! February's theme gave us a bit of homework… but it's the best homework you can ask for: play around with greens! Our mission was to choose 1 plant and style it in 3 different ways. So here we go…

JOELIX.com | Urban Junge Bloggers 1 plant / 3 stylings #urbanjunglebloggers #urbanjungle #industrial

I immediately knew my favorite paddle cactus had to be the star. He's not very elegant, but I like his quirky shape and the way he keeps himself balanced by growing more paddles in the right direction.
First I took him outside: one of the sheds outside has this beautiful peeled paint wall that I wanted to use as a backdrop. But it was blocked, so this grey cement wall had to do. And of course I brought one of my beloved letters.

JOELIX.com | Urban Junge Bloggers 1 plant / 3 stylings #urbanjunglebloggers #urbanjungle #botanical #terracotta

JOELIX.com | Urban Junge Bloggers 1 plant / 3 stylings #urbanjunglebloggers #urbanjungle #botanical #terracotta

But I think my cactus plant feels better when in company of some good friends. So I put him into a basic terracotta planter and invited some succulents, aloë vera and a purple Tradescantia Spathacea. I like how the different shades of green & purple add more depth to the group. What do you think?

JOELIX.com | Urban Junge Bloggers 1 plant / 3 stylings #urbanjunglebloggers #urbanjungle #yellow livingroom

JOELIX.com | Urban Junge Bloggers 1 plant / 3 stylings #urbanjunglebloggers #urbanjungle yellow livingroom

And of course, I brought my "paddled star" into our living room for a more colorful styling. Basically I placed it between some of our yellow trinkets and my old inherited Clivia plant.
Can you tell I'm going a little Betty Basic with my planters? I think it's time for some more funky pots… maybe a nice topic for a future Urban Jungle Bloggers challenge 😉 Hope to see you again next month!

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51 thoughts on “Urban Jungle Bloggers #6

  1. Oh I love your stylings, Judith! And yes, the first one comes as a sort of surprise – industrial and raw! But my heart-warming, happy favorite is number three of course – yellow always makes me smile instantly and it is very YOU! I love your cactus too – I am actually longing to find one in this size but it's pretty tricky here. Great work and I can't wait to see all the others too!

    1. Merci Igor! What an amazing & green day it has been so far, right?! No surprise that you like the yellow styling best, it's bright & happy. I think you need to book a little trip to Corsica to get yourself a sweet paddle cactus like this one. I grew it from a bigger one that I keep in the greenhouse: they grow so fast and easy. And I promise it will be more successful than the fig tree cuttings ;)

    1. Merci Giova! Me too, I love it when they're all together. I can't wait to put them all back into the greenhouse when the temperatures are a little higher ;) And lovely to see your flower bulbs today! Spring will be so colorful! xx

  2. I am with Igor. The first is a total surprise! Love this series! Had much fun being part of it this month, you made it very easy with the February theme. Wishing you both much green love to be spread today around the net! xx

    1. Thank you for your kind support Gudy! And for taking part in our series. I really liked your soft & gentle styling with the heart strings and am glad that you enjoyed doing it. Gros bisous!

    1. Thanks for introducing us to Magda and Marian, Tina! So nice that you even made a watercolor for the series. And funny that you prefer my gritty & grungy one, I really enjoyed playing around with the props in the shed.
      I updated the post with all participants, but you may have seen our album on Facebook already. xx

  3. Yes, he looks much happier with friends :) Great series Judith! This is giving me so much inspiration to try again (and again and again) with plants at home!

    1. Hihi, I'm so glad that it inspires you to re-introduce some greens into your home, Deepa! If you'll grow some easy veggies (like carrots or radish) in your window sill, Tala may like it even better ;)

  4. Oh so good: like the industrial setting of your cactus and of course the yellow highlights in your home as a nice matching atmosphere :-)
    (PS: my capture to post this comment is “sunshine” what a perfect word for the mood)

  5. hard to choose a favourite because they're all great but i guess i'll go with the yellow vibes :) and the cactus you chose is such a beauty, a real character. i join you this month, too, and had so much fun styling my houseplant no. i: the orchid :D


    can't wait to see all the others stylings! greetings julia

  6. I love each of your stylings. The cactus you have chosen looks so beautiful but seems to be dangerous…hopefully you survived your styling sessions without any injuries…I´m looking forward to next month.

    1. Merci Nathalie, c'est trop gentil ! Très contente que tu fais désormais partie des Urban Jungle Bloggers. J'ai adoré ton ananas en 3 versions ! Gros bisous !

  7. Browsing around looking at all the very very nice urban jungle inspirations I really like most the yellowish version of your paddle cactus! It looks a bit surreal, that's what I like most of all sukkulents and cact(i) :D

    1. Hahaha I totally agree with you: I love the surreal shapes and colors of cacti and succulents. And thanks for your nice comment and beautiful participation, Ivonne! Hope to see you again next month! xx

    1. Awww thanks Yvonne! The cupboard actually was already in our house when we moved in, it's weathered but in great shape ;) Thanks for pinning and for playing along again!

  8. Oh Judith, I love the industrial feel of the first pic. How your little cacti is trying to make a spot for himself in this hostile grey environment. But he has spikes to help him bring in some green in there! Oh and being the color lover that I am the yellow is just perfect with all your quirky details. So glad I could join this time again.

    1. So nice that you joined us again this month, Corinne! And thanks for the sweet cactus compliments! If he could only hear you ;) Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Hey Judith – I love your paddle cactus – so cool and majestic somehow. I prefer the last one, simply because it's grey and cold here – and sunshine yellow was the tonic needed. Happy weekend love,

    1. Is it just as grey in Copenhagen as here in France? I can't wait for some sunshine! But for now the yellow helps a little bit ;) Enjoy your weekend, Anya!

    1. Merci Anuschka! Very nice that you were part of the UJB adventure this month! (I really liked the little sneak peek too ;) ). Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Hej Judith!

    Thank you for your comment! I'm very happy to be a part of this movement! I really like yout styling ;)
    Isn't it funny, that i love blue so much, but didn't show a blue style?! When i read your comment i realized that fact and have to laugh about if a lot :D
    I wish you a relaxed weekend

    Jan alias traedraum

    1. Hahaha very happy that I made you laugh, Jan! Really like that you played along with us: it's so good to see some masculine stylings too! Will you join us again next month? And you're right: never take yourself too serious ;) Have a nice week!

  11. I have finally made it! I really LOVED the theme you guys picked this month! Even though it was quite a challenge, I enjoyed it a lot! Thank you for being a huge inspiration! Anastasia

  12. Great – your Urban Jungle Project. And I agree: that would be a great topic (funky pots). Next time I´ll join – could you send me the mini-kit ;-)?
    Ganz liebe Grüße Barbara

  13. What a lovely cactus indeed! I like it on its own but also with friends on picture two, maybe my favorite. It looks like a little urban jungle dream of mine.
    I am slowly building up a bunch here too ;-)
    in the meantime I am enjoying your pictures a lot.

    1. Thanks a bunch, Stefania! So nice that you were with us this month, and I'm sure your jungle will grow a lot this year ;) Looking forward to March already. Enjoy your weekend!

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