Urban Jungle Bloggers #9

JOELIX.com | Ally Capellino London for #urbanjunglebloggers

Ever since my friend Igor and I started our Urban Jungle Bloggers adventure last fall, I see green plants everywhere. Not only on blogs or in our home, but so many cafés, shops and restaurants use plants in their interior design and displays. Greens are definitely a thing right now and I love that!

For the May edition of Urban Jungle Bloggers I was looking for a unique place. Obviously I expected to find it on my recent trip to London. My first jungle stopover was at House of Hackney. Seriously: they take the idea of an urban jungle to a whole new level: couches, bikinis, lamp shades, tea pots, oven mitts, bedlinen and notebooks: all covered in palm trees! That shop breaths jungle fever but it was a little bit too much for me.

And then, just minutes before taking the Eurostar from London back to Paris, I found my place: the Ally Capellino shop in Notting Hill. Once I spotted the lucky money plants and plywood displays I knew this was what I wanted to show to you today: British, stylish and green!

JOELIX.com | Ally Capellino London for #urbanjunglebloggers

Ally Capellino is a British designer of beautiful bags and leather goods. Her rather timeless designs are made in Italian veg tanned leather and waxed cotton. But I completely fell for the Goldfinger, a leather box in natural uncolored leather constructed without a single stitch or stud. And when you buy one, it includes a lucky money plant!

JOELIX.com | Ally Capellino London for #urbanjunglebloggers

I counted several dozens of lucky money plants in the shop without making it feel like a screaming jungle. The repetition of the same kind of plant is a nice trick to make a place look green, yet very stylish.

JOELIX.com | Ally Capellino London for #urbanjunglebloggers

When browsing around this place felt nice: lots of plywood everywhere, beautiful bags & belts (I really love their Kitty belt in yellow/nude) and friendly staff and customers. I found they regularly organize workshops, like Indigo dyeing or a talk about Matisse's cut outs.
And if you happen to be in London today: Lovage at Ace Hotel is offering complimentary tasters of their freshly pressed, green Viridian juice in both Ally Capellino shops. More info here.

JOELIX.com | Ally Capellino London for #urbanjunglebloggers

I love how the money plants are even part of their spring communication:

JOELIX.com | Ally Capellino London for #urbanjunglebloggers

And did you see that vintage drawer? Entirely filled with lucky money plants! That's something you could easily achieve at home, right?

JOELIX.com | Ally Capellino London for #urbanjunglebloggers

Ally Capellino /// 312 Portobello Road /// London W10 5RU /// +49 (0)20 8964 1022
Open Monday to Saturday 11am – 6pm Sunday 11am – 5pm

JOELIX.com | Ally Capellino London for #urbanjunglebloggers

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19 thoughts on “Urban Jungle Bloggers #9

  1. What a wonderful store, Judith!! I love how they used the suculents to add a lively touch to the boutique and the leather pots make it even more sophisticated! Great find & fab photos!

    1. Thanks Igor! Me too, I like that it's rather sophisticated and fits so well to the products of the shop. See you soon in Paris for more green adventures at Boot café for sure!

  2. Hahaha, am laughing that you found House of Hackney too much, so do I… whenever I drive past, their urban jungle peeks out at me:-)

    Did you know that there's an Ally Capellino shop just down from HOH? It's on Calvert Avenue. I love her stuff.

    BTW, sorry I couldn't recommend anywhere. It's not that easy to find 'green' places that I haven't blogged about yet and I had to go scouting myself:-)

    Nice post x

    1. Haha, yes House of Hackney has its style, very over-the-top and I loved the experience as it's very different from anything else. I didn't know the other Ally Capellino store was so close to HOH! But very glad I found the shop in Notting Hill. No worries about the recommendations, strolling around and discovering places without a plan was lovely. Next time you should take me to Other and we'll bring Guiliano some fresh greens ;) xx

    1. You know what, I didn't even think about buying a leather pot (which I really like btw) because I was so happy to have found my UJB spot and to take pictures ;) They cost 36GBP per box including a lucky money plant.

  3. Those leather boxes make the most beautiful plant pot holders. And you're so right, sometimes subtle understatements (like the repetition of a few plants) can create the best effect.

    1. Aren't they pretty? They blend in so well with the entire store, right? I agree, repetition of a kind can make for the best effect. Thanks for sharing your green London highlights too!

  4. Those leather pots! So cute!
    I agree, greenery are getting more and more a fundamental part in the creation of many stores nowadays and we all are very happy for this, aren't we? I really like they simple take on the styling: basic patterns can be the most effective!

    Love the spot, Judith!

    1. I totally agree with you Elena! I don't mind if it's a trend to use greens or not, it makes me really happy and I'm glad to share it with so many Urban Jungle Bloggers! Thanks for sharing yours too! xx

  5. Oh I love those leather cases for the plants and yes the vintage drawers are a great idea. My little gave me a little money plant in a pot he decorated for mothers day – so sweet. M xx

  6. Hi Judith, just catching up on my blog reading and I love this place! So clever to put all the succulents together into a drawer, it creates a great impact. xD

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