Vintage Sapique 16

Our cinema room is my favorite room in the entire house. It feels like a tree house: it's on the second floor and the branches of the tree outside reach the window. It has two doors ( including a "secret" door to the guestroom ), a mouse hole a.k.a. cat door, a dining table for 2 and of course: you're surrounded by movies.

It was the very first room in the house where we actually lived. We moved in in december, it was ice cold, we had one electric heater and our cats suddenly loved each other very much. We often kept warm in a sleeping bag & I'm glad that I forgot how many layers of clothing I used to wear. The entire room was filled with boxes, one couch, one table, one computer and shelves filled with the more "precious" stuff.

Before becoming our cinema room, this room used to be the director's office. The finishing touches were extra luxurious: the ceiling panels had a pearl finish, the walls were covered in bamboo. And it also had original inox wall mounted lamps, a huge AC from the 70's, moss green carpet & cream colored vertical blinds. The only thing still remaining is the beautiful light, filtered by the tree.

The coolest feature of this office was the secret button: the president could listen to what was going on in the meetingroom! Sneaky ;o)

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6 thoughts on “Vintage Sapique 16

    1. Dankje Ilona! Veel succes met het opknappen van je kamer, leuk dat ik je een beetje kan inspireren :o)
      Hopelijk ziet het er niet zo uit als op deze “before” foto's!

  1. nee, zo erg is het niet :-) speuren en zoeken naar spulletjes is leuk, we houden van een mengelmoes, met als boventoon “fabriek” en 60er jaren. Maar dan in het klein… wat jullie hebben gecreerd is prachtig

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