Vintage Sapique 17

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My second favorite room in our home, and the place that I missed most when we were in Burgundy over the holidays, is our cosy white bedroom. I'm a "talented" sleeper and can easily sleep 12 hours straight. Preferably in a comfortable bed! (and not in a tiny bed with stiff bed sheets and shapeless pillows, please).

My "secrets" to a comfy bedroom?

Super soft bed linens. My favorites are by Auping.
A good pillow with the right thickness to support your sleeping style.
A memory foam pillowtop mattress on top of a regular mattress. It feels like you're sleeping on a cloud. <3

Over the years we've slept in many different rooms of Studio Sapique. Like here and here.

Our current bedroom used to look like a boring office:

This third Sapique Webisode was shot & edited by Nick from Lifely. You can also watch it here.
What are your tips for a comfy bedroom?

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