Les anis de Flavigny

Today let me take you to the village where the movie "Chocolat" was filmed. You know that movie with Johnny Depp & Juliette Binoche that you can't watch without craving something sweet?

When you walk along the streets of this (very pretty!) medieval village you smell something sweet. It's the anise & sugar used for the famous bonbons that are produced in the Abbey. I came here first when I was a little girl. Both my sister and I got car sick on our way in, but we calmed down as soon as we tasted a Flavigny bonbon.

When we visited the village last week, everything was closed for the holidays, including the factory and the cute little boutique. But gladly you can buy a little tin of Flavigny candy in many places around the world! They come in 10 different natural flavors: anise, of course, blackcurrant, lemon, orange blossom, ginger, tangerine, mint, liquorice, rose and violet. Hmmm!

Oh and for a mouth watering recipe for anise ice, inspired by the Flavigny bonbons, head over to Tarte Taart An ( English version here ).

Have you ever tasted one of these Flavigny bonbons?

10 thoughts on “Les anis de Flavigny

    1. Gewoon een keertje proberen! Je kunt ze in Nederland ook eenvoudig vinden. En als je ze niet lekker blijkt te vinden, dan heb je altijd nog een mooi doosje ;o)

    1. I remember running out to get a sugar fix after watching the movie ;o) You should definitely try a Flavigny bonbon if you'll find some in London: they're very particular but nice.

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