Vitamin boost 2

It think I'm feeling it. After one week with a jet lagged feeling of Daylight Saving Time, I think I'm back on track. And I even experienced some spring cleaning urge!
As you may know I'm a fruitjunkie and love almost any fruit. So for some additional spring vitamins I turned 4 pink grapefruits from my favorite stall at the market into fresh juice.

The best feature of pink grapefruits is that it looks like they are blushing. I think it's so cute:


What are your healthy spring secrets?

10 thoughts on “Vitamin boost 2

  1. That is so cute! never thought of pink grapefruit blushing, but i like the idea very much as much as I love them. Drink the juice or eat the fruit, they are simply delicious.
    Wish I had them in hose now to squeeze them as well.
    I have no healthy spring secrets, beside eating a lot of fruit.

    One nice treat is this strange apple drink:
    mix in a food processor (the ones for milkshakes at high speed) 1 big green apple diced in small pieces, the juice of 1 lemon, 1 egg white and a pinch of sugar.
    Everything cold from the fridge.
    Shake until it is all nice and fluffy, kind of wipped cream effect smooth shake. Drink soon and let me know if you liked it. ;-)

    1. Oeh, that's a strange drink :o) Almost like a spring version of a grog and without the alcohol. I'm always a little scared to eat raw eggs, because of all the salmonella news in the 80s/90s… but I should give your recipe a try! Thanks for sharing, Stefania!

  2. Oh, I'm not such a fan of grapefruit, at least you put tons of sugar into it, but I like the color. So as a garnish they will work for me. :)

  3. Pink grapefruits really are cute – especially the way you've photographed them.

    I have a loooong list of food intolerances so my spring secrets are actually habits that have become part of our lives as a family.

    I keep meaning to incorporate a segment on my blog about wholesome, delicious food/healthy living but can never figure out how to. *”Just do it!” I hear you cry. ;)*

    My breakfast (and lunch) is often accompanied by a kiwi and lime Innocent smoothie with a heaped dessertspoon of Pure Synergy Superfood powder mixed in. Trust me, it tastes far better than it looks! :D

    1. Hahaha I had to Google the Pure Synergy Superfood powder to learn what it was… I hope at least it tastes good, because it looks like the henna powder that I used to color my hair ;o) Like Tina I'm not a big Innocent fan, I prefer blending my own fruit (or veggies). And yes, please share your food and healthy lifestyle. Very curious to read your tips & insights!

  4. I'm with Chi and we share this list of intolerances. Chi, if you're reading this… YES, please share on your blog… would love that. Shocked you drink innocent. Woman make your own.

    Judith, great photos. Love the citrus pop!!! Don't have much fruit as the fructose doesn't always agree with me. I tend to juice vegetables:-)

    1. Yeah I'm not a such an Innocent fan either ;o) I prefer blending my own fruit & veggies. But I'm lucky because I can eat almost anything. I hope Chi will share her tip & tricks, because it's nice to learn something new about healthy food, isn't it?

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