the Sugar Factory of Francières

This weekend we went back to the Sugar Factory. Ever since our visit last summer I wanted to go back and go inside. Apparently visiting la Sucrerie de Francières isn't easy: it's closed most of the time… but not this weekend!
The sugar industry played a prominent role in the economy of my region and that's why it's so cool that local volunteers decided to save and restore this factory. The school, the chapel and main factory hall are in great shape again… but the untouched buildings were even more intriguing:
I really wanted to climb these stairs and have a look on the first floor:

For obvious reasons they wouldn't let me…

The 34 meter high chimney is a beautiful landmark in the middle of nowhere. In the 19th century the nearest village was situated at 4km and the workers' families formed a self sustaining community. One third of the sugar production was used for themselves, kids went to a private school and the families lived in houses accross the street. The factory shut down in 1969, but one of the children that grew up here told us that life was "tough, but happy and good".

Check back soon as I'll show you the more colorful inside of la Sucrerie…

11 thoughts on “the Sugar Factory of Francières

  1. Mooi! Ik heb ook een fascinatie voor lege, verlaten gebouwen. Zo kan ik uren doorbrengen op websites als kan je hart ophalen!

  2. It looks a bit scary, but if it would be in a better shape I could imagine opening new stores and small restaurants inside. That would be so cool.

    1. That would be awesome! Unfortunately the factory is located in a very remote place, so I don't think many people would come here to shop & dine…

  3. Bedankt voor je comment! Vind het moeilijk hoor, al jaren hetzelfde werk en toe aan iets anders…wat dat dan precies is, weet ik (nog) niet.

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