Vive la Différence

Hope you had a great weekend? Mine included lots of laughter, rain, German cupcakes, 6 different languages, too many LemonAids and meeting so many nice people in Berlin. All very very different, I loved that!
Speaking about different: Tina from Colourliving, who sadly couldn't make it to The Hive due to chaos at Heathrow, invited me to take part in her Vive la Différence series. So hop over to Colourliving to see what we created!

Today is also a very special day for me because 15 years ago I first met my husband! We won't be celebrating because I'm still in Berlin and he's in France, but it's a good excuse to have a frozen yogurt later today, don't you think?

6 thoughts on “Vive la Différence

  1. Awww, your post from last year brought tears to my eyes. How very beautiful. I love how much R loved your present. Genial!!!

    I'm also tearful because I didn't make it to The Hive and I think that everyone knows how very excited I was!! C'est la vie! The announcement of Copenhagen has softened the blow.

    Most off I'm sad to not have hung out with so many of you that I follow online. It would have been such an amazing and special time for me.

    A massive congratulation to you and R on meeting exactly 15 years ago. It was certainly meant to be and I always get emotional when I see couples that really love and cherish each other. I hope, as you're not together, that the frozen yoghurt will be a little consolation:-)) forever the kid!

    Talking of kids, do you realise our homes are full of toys although we both don't have children? I've always been proud of my playful spirit, it's nice to have a playmate like you.

    Thank you so much for the gorgeous contribution to VLD. It's such a pleasure to have you.

    AND thank you for the animated gif tutorial:-)
    Enjoy your day in Berlin.

    Bisous x

    1. My pleasure Tina! Me too, I'm a sucker for real-love-couples and feel so blessed to be part of one. I'll hug my R to pieces tomorrow night when I'll be back in France ;)
      So sorry that you couldn't make it to Berlin this weekend, but I hope you'll get a second chance in Octobre!!!!! Bisous!

  2. Wowy! 15yrs ago! Félicitations :) I wish you continued happiness together!

    So nice to meet you at The Hive and so pleased to see you over at Tina's blog today. You ladies really did a fantastic job with VLD.

    Best! Xx.

    1. Merci Caroline! Berlin was great! Hope you enjoyed following along through twitter? Would be so nice to see you again, in Copenhagen or somewhere else :o)

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