Weekend inspiration #2

JOELIX.com | Pink blossom

JOELIX.com | Pink blossom animated gif

JOELIX.com | Pink blossom

12 thoughts on “Weekend inspiration #2

  1. you are definitely into animation :-) beautiful spot and wonderful flowers … I wish I had them here in Italy in a gloomy rainy week-end :-( xx

    1. Merci Ilaria! It's so much fun to make these animations :o) Hope the sun comes out soon in Italy so that you can enjoy the weekend even better! A très vite!

  2. Hey cool gif! :) And the blossoms. Even if I see blossom on every cornet I have to stop and make a picture. You don't want to know how many store they are taking on my iPhone. ;)

  3. Oi oi oi, wat zijn ze mooi hè? Goed ook dat ze er maar zo kort is, de bloesem, dan blijft het bijzonder op een bepaalde manier!

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