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In 2013 I tried my best to send a little more snail mail. Opening your mailbox to find something else than publicity and bills is so nice, isn't it?
In a few weeks my family will be sending our New Year's photo and we're currently in the middle of finding a new concept. Sending cards at this time of the year is a lovely tradition, so when Pixum asked me if I'd like to create some Christmas cards I knew I wanted to share some snail mail love with you! Nothing xmassy, but regular cards that you can send all year round. | win a set of my cards! giveaway

I created 3 sets of 3 cards with some of my most popular photos. Including the gradient berries, this rooster, the dahlias for #2flowergirls and some pictures from Denmark. As a graphic designer I'm used to send print-ready files to a printer, so working with photo software always seems a little dreadful. But actually once I found out, it was super easy. And the result is pretty neat. I hope you like the cards: | win a set of my cards! giveaway | win a set of my cards! giveaway | win a set of my cards! giveaway | win a set of my cards! giveaway

To win a set of 3 cards + envelopes simply tell me in the comments below if you're sending out any Christmas cards this year. I'm very curious to know! Of course I'd appreciate it if you'd follow me on twitter, facebook, pinterest or instagram (but only if you want to!).

You can join until this Monday and I'll announce 3 lucky winners on Tuesday, December 10th. The giveaway is open for everyone worldwide: I'm happy to ship around the world 🙂

This giveaway is now closed. The winners are Sandy, Petra and Mandi and have been contacted by email. Thanks everyone for your kind words, I wish I could send a set to all of you! | win a set of my cards! giveaway

19 thoughts on “Win a set of my cards!

  1. Briljant! Zeker die haan! Maar ook die dahlia, zo mooi dat ie nog helemaal moet gaan ontluiken!
    Veel succes ermee!

  2. Wat een beauties!! Ik ben bijzonder gecharmeerd van de kaarten met de vruchtjes (the gradient berries). Zo prachtig van kleur!!!

  3. These look amazing Judith!! Love them!!
    I do send cards every year, for the past 12 years it has been with us as a family, and before that it was a simple Christmas card!! Hooray for snail mail!!

  4. I love to send out snailmail. And yes, I already sent out 25 postcards, 5 letters and 3 little boxes.
    Your cards are really pretty, love the colours!

  5. Sorry Judith, wij sturen nooit geen Kerstkaarten. Daarvoor hadden we immers met Kerst, de 2e Kerstdag, pas tijd. Wij bedenken, maken en verzenden met ons hele gezin Nieuwjaarskaarten. Die traditie is er nog steeds! Komend kaart zelfs met onze stiefkinderen erbij! Mooier kan toch niet!

  6. Hi Judith, beautiful cards. The gradient berries are simply spectacular.
    I love all your color vibrancy.
    I love snail mail, you know that I think. I try each year to send Christmas cards. Sometimes, I made my own and love to do it if I have time. But some years december is really hectic. One time I was so busy that I forgot to send them (shhh it's a secret) and found them the following summer in my drawers. Enveloped address and all. Isn't it crazy?
    This year I will try my best.
    x x

  7. Dear Judith, I love your cards! Especially those with the berries :-) they are beautiful! I rarely use snail mail today. I only have one friend (my ex-boyfriend in fact) to whom I send cards. But I never forget to send him a card on Christmas or on his birthday, and he sends cards to me. It's been a few years since I last saw him but we're still in touch this way :-)

  8. Neat! I am not really good at sending out christmas cards, but I'd definitely send your cards. DEFINITELY! And I'm already following you on all social media channels as you know… p.s. love that rooster.

  9. Judith! I love to see the result of your pics turned into an official project!
    What I like most about your cards, they are perfect for every season!
    I have printed my favorite shot of the year, moody, not too christmassy but still quite suitable for the season and I have bought nice cards dark cards to fit the image in. Now, I just have to write and send them…
    And I am already following you on all channels :-) xx

  10. I usually send out Christmas cards (although some years, I've postponed it until January and have sent out New Year's cards), but the list of receivers has grown ever smaller as I've gotten a little bit more choosy with where I spend my time! This year though there's been more upheaval than usual, so I'm skipping the whole process. Maybe next year, though! In any case, I love sending out little notes to people when the mood strikes, and your cards look marvelous!

  11. I always send out Christmas cards. this time they will be coming from far far away. but I'm also trying to get back into snail-mailing. it's not just that I don't get anything interesting with the post anymore, even the qualities of emails is going down, with everyone just updating their facebook statuses or tweeting about their whereabouts. I'd love to send out some of your cards. they are absolutely amazing!!!

  12. We will be sending out Holiday cards this year to stay in touch with friends far away. I also have a penpal (yes, it's true!) who I have been exchanging snail mail with since we met in a summer art program in 1983! We make handmade cards or share unique cards we find and your cards would make a great addition to our tradition! They are lovely! And we all know how hard it is to find a truly unique and artful card!
    (pick me! :)

  13. Hoewel in het Frankijk niet echt een traditie is (of eerder 'echt niet'), had ik me dit jaar zeker voorgenomen om kaarten te versturen, al was het alleen maar naar de familie en vrienden in Nederland.
    Sterker nog, ik hoop ze zelf te maken, maar durf ik niet te beloven.
    Ik vind jouw kaarten super, vooral de wolken … mmm!

  14. Wauw Judith, wat een mooie kaarten! Die zijn bijna te zonde om te versturen.. Hier liggen de eerste (zelfgemaakte) kerstkaarten klaar om geschreven te worden, niets zo fijn als een handgeschreven kaartje!

  15. These are beautiful. I'm usually not taking part in giveaways but I cannot miss the chance to win these ones. And yes, we are sending some this year. I just have to decide if it's going to be with our picture too or not.

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