Winter Sun Winter Sun

Yayy! It's December! How do you like it so far? Here in the Oise it almost felt like we had the first sunshine in decades. Last week was so grey and dark: no wonder why they call it the dark days before Christmas. So in stead of decorating our home for the December festivities, we made a walk through the fields during the Golden Hour… Winter Sun in France

We didn't recognize these crops. Any suggestions? Potatoes maybe? Winter Sun in France

And then, the show was almost over… Winter Sun in France Winter Sun in France

Wish you all a wonderful and sunny week! I'm preparing a little giveaway that I think you will like, so you may want to check back later this week 😉

Oh and if you want to get into the mood for some REAL winter, I'd suggest to read the Winterharvest issue of Oh Marie! and watch the sneak preview of the upcoming sisterMAG xmas special… It makes me want to go ice skating right away!

11 thoughts on “Winter Sun

  1. Yesterday was the 1. advent in Germany and I didn't even get a advents wreath because I forgot it. it doesn't feel like winter here AT ALL!!! :/ It's so crazy warm here and I'm not complaining but I don't have this Christmas feeling yet. Tomorrow I'm going to buy one and to decorate a little bit. ;)

    1. I once spent Christmas time in the South of France: palm trees with light strings: so completely different. But from what I saw today on your Urban Jungle Bloggers post you're totally in the mood for Christmas! It looks fab!!

  2. Beautiful images Judith – lovely sun ;-) Happy day to you – we're brazing ourselves for the storm to hit northern Europe – apparently bringing snow !!
    TAke care,

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