2 Daffodil Girls

Actually I was planning on styling some ranunculus for the #2flowergirls project by Elodie and Inga today. But without a nice variety of fresh flowers available nearby, I went for an simpler solution: the first fresh daffodils from our garden.

At this time of the year, the forests here in the Oise are covered with a daffodils carpet. I remember the first time I saw it: so pretty! Have you ever seen it?

10 thoughts on “2 Daffodil Girls

    1. These were the 2 first (and only) ones growing in our garden. I couldn't help but picking them ;o) Any hyacinths growing at your place yet?

  1. I am really envious that you have daffodils in your garden right now. In Hamburg there is still snow and flowers are just poking out their tips a tiny little bit. We'll probably have daffodils in June ;-)

    Hug, Kathrin

    1. Poor you! I can't believe it's still so cold in Northern Europe! Two weeks ago these daffodils were still covered in snow as well. I hope spring soon kicks in in Hamburg, because in June it's time for BBQs, not daffodils ;o) Bisous!

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