Orontas cycling supplies

Old world quality and modern thinking, that's what Orontas is all about. I spotted this window display in Stockholm, not far from the wonderful Stutterheim raincoats boutique (which I love). I was intrigued by the clever text:

To me, it looked like some kind of sustainable beauty or house cleaning brand. I had no idea that Orontas makes handcrafted cycling supplies. I would love for my ugly Embryolisse creme to come in one of these pretty tubes:

I must admit that I take very bad care of my bike. But cleaning with nice products makes it more fun, right?

4 thoughts on “Orontas cycling supplies

  1. Wow! cycling supplies? At first glance I thought it was a body care or bath range. Love the packaging, that black and white simplicity. Great advertising. Do you think this would appeal more to women than men?

    Have a lovely week Judith. xx

    1. Merci Geraldine! I would say it appeals to anyone interested in bikes and nice pure products :o) The whole fixed gear biking culture is rather masculine, at least in France, so I think their target audience may be quite masculine. I wouldn't mind for my toiletries to come in their packaging though. Enjoy your week! Bisous!

    1. Hahaha I like their “subtle” hipster vibe ;o) Their target audience is probably masculine, as the whole fixed gear culture is a man's world, isn't it?

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