Butternut squash spice cake

JOELIX.com - Trick or Treat poster at home

When in Marseille a few weeks ago, I stole one of these Halloween posters announcing the local Trick or Treat festival. It was designed by Sylvain Havec, a French illustrator. I love the clever use of neon orange and the hilarious illustration. Perfect or our kitchen door 😉 Not for too long though, because you know… it's orange, my husband's trauma color!

JOELIX.com - Trick or Treat poster at home

And do you remember these bubble gum cupcakes that I made for Halloween last year? This year I decided upon something slightly less chemical: a butternut squash spice cake. So here we go for the recipe. All you need is:

one butternut pumpkin, which looks like this:

JOELIX.com - Butternut squash spice cake

500gr plain flower
250gr sugar (or honey or sucralose)
150ml sunflower oil (or any kind of butter if you prefer)
15mg baking powder
3 eggs
salt, cinnamon, grinded white pepper, 3 teaspoons of vanilla extract

It keeps surprising me that the inside of a butternut is bright orange and not white or beige like the outside:

JOELIX.com - Butternut squash spice cake

Remove the skin and scoop out the seeds. Then grate the butternut like you would grate carrots.

JOELIX.com - Butternut squash spice cake

Add the grated butternut to the mix of flower, sugar, oil, baking powder and eggs. And blend with a fork until you get a nice thick batter. Poor it into a buttered pan and bake for at least 50 minutes at 160°C. Bake until the cake is golden and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. According to Kate a cake without frosting is just insane, but I really liked mine plain and gooey 😉 Bon appétit!

JOELIX.com - Butternut squash spice cake

8 thoughts on “Butternut squash spice cake

    1. Thanks Anya! I hope you enjoyed Halloween? Did you bake anything special for your sweeties? Or “just” ate lots of candy? Enjoy your weekend!

  1. Ooh, don't you just love vegetables in cakes? We had chocolate courgette cake for our wedding and was super moist and very delicious!

    I'll definitely give this the gluten-free treatment and let you know how it goes! :D

    Happy halloween!

    P.S. Cool poster! Not sure if I have a trauma colour myself!!! :D

    1. Absolutely love veggies in cake! It's super easy, just a simple cake recipe with additional vegetables and spices. Chocolate with courgette sounds really good. Hmmm! Hope you enjoyed Halloween? I bet your fingers were a huge success ;) Have a great weekend, Chi!

    1. Yummm pumpkin spice cake is also sooo good. Just try it with a butternut, or like Chi suggested above: chocolate & courgette. Hmmm! You too, have a wonderful weekend back at home :)

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