Eau de Nil

JOELIX.com | Emerald green shutters in France

I love paint… and painting! And ever since the make-over of our yellow door, I'm dreaming of doors in all colors of the rainbow. But for now I'm only painting 1 kitchen accessory (and maybe more if I can't control myself…). For color inspiration I looked around our city. I love this bold green color, it's so vibrant:

JOELIX.com | Emerald green door in France Oise

JOELIX.com | Emerald green door in France Oise

Remember this color discussion? In the 50s a pale and blue version of the above color was used in many public buildings. I loved all your name suggestions for this very specific color: aqua, tooth paste green, linden, carta da zucchero, duck egg blue, emerald, sage green. But I think the best-fitting name was Eau de Nil, although the above color would be a perfect emerald right?

Somehow I also took quite a lot of pictures of blue & green shutters in the past few months:

JOELIX.com | Blue and green shutters in France, Provence, Nice, Musee Matisse, Oise

Because our home loves bright colors so much, I decided upon this "updated" version of Eau de Nil, simply called bleu turquoise. I'll show you the results later this week, once the job is done!

JOELIX.com | Updated Eau de Nil color blue turquoise paint

What do you think? Do you like Emerald green or Turquoise?

13 thoughts on “Eau de Nil

    1. Hahahaha your business name will be a mystery for ever! I'll show you the results very soon… the first 3 layers of primer are done, soon I can start with the best part: color! Yayy!

  1. Perfect hue of blue! I can't wait to see the result! And I agree with you – I love the name 'Eau de Nil', it is almost mysterious and alluring…

    1. Thanks Igor! Eau de Nil sounds so much better than turquoise or mint right? The first layers of primer are done, soon I can start the best part: color! Will show you the result very soon!

    1. Really? We don't have anything mint at home, it's a truly “new” color here! For now I rather like it, but my husband doesn't really agree ;) I'm very curious to see the result…

  2. Perfect choice, the colour is just beautiful! I love all shades of green :-) but this one is special! I can´t wait for the result!

    1. Thank you so much Jitka! I'm very curious to see the final result as well, this minty green is quite a new color in our home! Have a nice week! xx

  3. I love turquoise, it always has a “happy” tone to it. I don't know about you but when I start painting I find myself in another world and end up painting everything in sight! I adore your yellow door too! Can't wait to see what you do! xx

    1. Oh totally! In art school I'd paint for days and I still love it a lot (even though it's on doors & trash bins nowadays hahaha). The turquoise turned out to be a strange tone. So “unfortunately” it needs another layer ;)

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