Italian Wisteria | Purple wisteria in Italy

The number of times that we sighed and smelled wisteria during our Blago trip, were countless. I haven't seen any wisteria here in the Oise yet, but in Italy they were blooming on every street corner. And because unfortunately I cannot include perfumes on my blog (yet!), I tried to capture the purple flowering plant in images. | Purple wisteria in Italy

Eternal snow in Switzerland in the back and blooming wisteria in the foreground as seen from the Hermitage Santa Caterina del Sasso on the Lago Maggiore: | Purple wisteria on the Lago Maggiore

No doubt about it: we're in sunny Italy: | Purple wisteria and Italian flag

One day, my palm trees will be as high and pretty as these beauties: | Purple wisteria in Italy

The view from that boat must have been amazing: | Purple wisteria at the Lago Maggiore in Italy | Purple wisteria at the Lago Maggiore in Italy

By now, can you smell the wisteria? Is there any growing where you live?

12 thoughts on “Italian Wisteria

  1. Nostalgia!!! Last time I've been there it was so long ago I don't even try to count the years. There is something magic in these places. The lake, the blue sky (believe me it isn't like it all the time) and the amazing wisteria you spotted. By the way, it is worth going there in the Fall when the fog raise from the lake, when the sky is permanently grey. It is surreal but beautiful. Thank you Judith for these beautiful pictures. xx i.

    1. Before going I was prepared for lots of rain and greyness, as it's usually the case during Design Week (from what I've been told). But we were so lucky with five days of WONDERFUL weather! There's a little bit of magic in the air when you spend time with lovely people in such a beautiful area, eating the best of food, surrounded by great design & nature. Definitely need to go back in the fall for foggy lakes & grey skies like you suggest ;) xx

  2. Wow! I've been around here as well, many years ago (no, not telling eighter ;)) but I don't remember seeing any wisteria. Lucky you! Beautiful photos…

    1. Hahaha oh yes, there was Wisteria everywhere! I just had to show it here, because I haven't seen any around here at home. None in Amsterdam either? I'm sure you'll remember the experience when you find it. It smells GREAT! xx

  3. What a magical trip, Judith! I love Wisteria too, my parents have a wine in their garden and I always love to see it in full bloom. The smell of this purple beauty is divine. Thank you for sharing all the goodness from your trip to Italy! Big hug xx

    1. It smells so good, right? I admit I think I prefer Lilacs over Wisteria, but love the way it hangs, perfect for a balcony or terrace. If your parent's garden is anything like yours, it must be gorgeous. Hugs to you! xx

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