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So the other day I had a brilliant idea. I would buy some beautiful fresh flowers in Holland for the upcoming Urban Jungle Bloggers October edition (it will be all about Plants & Flowers!). The flower shops here in Nogent have a very artificial choice of flowers and bouquets that contain 80% fill-up greenery. I knew I wouldn't have time to visit Argevil in Compiègne, so I picked up some dahlias from a flowershop in Holland. It seemed like a great idea. When we got home, I put the flowers in some water and basically forgot about them.

What works really well with plants, doesn't work with flowers… This weekend I wanted to style my little setting with flowers & plants… but the dahlias were "gone"! All withered, dry… and near dead! Definitely not suited for the fresh and flowery setting I had in mind. They do look nice in the sunshine and are perfect for it's a moody wednesday: | Withered Dahlias | Withered Dahlias

The only dahlia still looking somewhat "fresh": | Withered Dahlias | Withered Dahlias

There's still some time left to prepare my Plants & Flowers styling for Urban Jungle Bloggers, so if you check back here on Thursday next week, you'll see if I found some new flowers. Oh and if you're at Meet the Blogger in Amsterdam this weekend: come and say hi! I'll be wearing my pink glasses 😉

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  1. Well I'm glad that you put them to good use and you captured their beauty! I look forward to seeing what you come up with for UJB. Congratulations on your award too, so well deserved Judith! M xx

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