Snor Festival 2015 | Snor Festival 2015

I can't remember the last festival I went to: the smell of beer, muddy grass fields and big crowds are not my idea of having a good time. Lucky me: the Snor Festival that I attended this weekend was different. Yes, there was beer (but also yummy smoothies!), a little bit of mud and lots of people, but there also were flowers, beautiful books, creative workshops and many blogger friends.
Book (and chocolate!) publisher Snor and Kirsten invited me and 14 Dutch bloggers to come and hang out at the Bloggerscafé, eat beautiful food by Madame Charlotte and enjoy the festival. It was super nice to catch up with lots of people, to finally meet so many "online" folks in person and spend a little bit more time with some of them too (wink wink Elvera and Marij!).

Next time I need a workshop on how to take pictures before a meal, in stead of "Oops, forgot to take a photo because I was talking too much". Well at least the flowers still look pretty: | Snor Festival 2015

Buntings, flowers, market stalls, handlettered signs and happy faces everywhere: | Snor Festival 2015 | Snor Festival 2015

Anki and Casper from Zilverblauw also launched their first book at the Snor Festival. I've been reading their blog for years now and admire their just-do-it spirit and personal style. Anki wrote the book "Shoot, taking photos from the heart" about photography. Without the dull technical approach but with a lot of tips & tricks and inspiring images. Her love Casper made it all look beautiful and easy to read. The handlettering by Milou (in gold foil on the cover!) is really nice too. I love books that also look good in my interior 😉 | Snor Festival 2015 Anki from @zilverblauwnl

For now Shoot is only available in Dutch, but I'm secretly hoping that Snor will translate the book into English, because I believe this is a book so many people need… and want! | Snor Festival 2015

Besides beautiful books, flowers and blogger fun, Snor and several creative enterpreneurs proposed tons of fun workshops, including this very Urban Jungle Bloggers-y workshop by Ingrid. She teached me how to knot a very simple plant hanger while we chatted about our travels. | Snor Festival 2015

The letter postcards were designed by famous Jessica Hische and are available here: | Snor Festival 2015

And another touch of green on the wall of this shed: | Snor Festival 2015

Thank you Snor, Kirsten, Zilverblauw, Madame Charlotte and all fellow bloggers for the lovely festival day! And thank you Anja and Anne for the sweet gift! | Snor Festival 2015

7 thoughts on “Snor Festival 2015

  1. Superleuk om je post te lezen Judith! het was echt heel gezellig.. eigenlijk zo gezellig dat we niet meer veel tijd voor workshops hadden ;-) Echt genoten van de dag… tot volgende week en alvast succes met de voorbereidingen!

  2. Hey Judith, ook wij waren er weer bij! Wat een top festival was het! Aan iedereen is gedacht, groot, klein, vrouw maar ook zeker de mannen konden zich prima vermaken :-) Ik zag je nog in de wandelgangen maar heb je niet durven aanspreken. Ik had geen idee of je dit wel leuk zo vinden. Het voelt toch een beetje als een fan die zijn idool om een handtekening wil vragen ;-) Veel liefs,

    1. Hahahahaa Marloes! De volgende keer moet je me gewoon aanspreken hoor, ik bijt niet ;) Had me leuk geleken je even te spreken. Fijn dat jullie ook zo'n fijne festival dag hebben gehad in Vuren. Tot de volgende keer! xx

  3. liebe judith, die fotos vom festival sind sehr cool geworden. man sieht auf den ersten blick dass ihr viel spaß gehabt habt und die zeit echt genossen habt. die design ideen auf den fotos sind wirklich sehr kreativ :) ich wäre gerne das nächste mal dabei!!!!

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