Papier Tigre in Paris | Papier Tigre in Paris

There's a new gem in town! A few weeks ago, Papier Tigre, opened their first brick and mortar shop in the Haut Marais in Paris. You may already know Papier Tigre products: they create beautiful and contemporary paper products with a humorous twist. | Papier Tigre in Paris

Their new space is like their webshop: bright, smart and with funny puns everywhere. And a beautiful cardboard Christmas tree of course! | Papier Tigre in Paris

I had never seen these awesome marked & numbered "poly marbré", marbled paper shapes. They remind me of my adventures with the Paper globe 😉 | Papier Tigre in Paris

One of my favorite Papier Tigre products is The Assistant, a complete agenda in recycled paper (of course) to plan your workload. It also includes a list of "how to be kind" in 21 languages, hihi! Another favorite is The Greengrocer: a vegetable moving disk calendar that shows you which fruit and veggies are "in season". So clever! And of course their snailmail products: beautiful foldable writing paper you can send right away. Oh and who ever has enough notebooks? I know I don't! | Papier Tigre in Paris

#bisou to Papier Tigre! Grrr 😉 | Papier Tigre in Paris

Papier Tigre /// 5 rue des Filles du Calvaire /// 75003 Paris /// +33 1 48 04 00 21
Open every tuesday to sunday from 12:00 to 19:30 or shop online!

6 thoughts on “Papier Tigre in Paris

    1. Definitely a shop you'd enjoy, Geraldine. Maybe in 2014? Have a lovely NYE and hopefully a few days off to enjoy with your family. See you in the New Year!

  1. The Visionnaire is my favourite product.. I bought it online €12 and they charged me €13 to ship it to the UK. It then arrived slightly creased… which annoyed me no end and I find unacceptable coming from a stationery company!

    I like their stuff a lot but they seriously need to get their act together in shipping, PACKING and customer service. Was not impressed.

    On a positive note, the Visionnaire is beautiful!

    1. Oh that's such a shame, Tina! Unbelievable that they have such bad customer service. I hope they will read this and realize they messed up. And that they'll change things of course. I'm sure you'll enjoy visiting their shop whenever you're around ;)

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