Spring at Merci Paris

JOELIX.com | Spring at Merci Paris shop green branches

With a new Urban Jungle Bloggers challenge launching tomorrow, I currently watch the world through my urban jungle glasses (even though they're pink…). I see greens everywhere. I'm so very ready for spring, especially when it's cloudy and grey like this week in Paris. The other day I spotted these springy branches at Merci. I have no idea what these are, but I really like their glossy rolled leaves:

JOELIX.com | Spring at Merci Paris shop green branches

And do you see that little white table with the giant chandelier, in the back?

JOELIX.com | Spring at Merci Paris shop green branches

It looked like this:

JOELIX.com | Spring at Merci Paris shop white shell chandelier

Although this style is a bit too rustic for my taste, it reminds me of having lunch outside, in the shade, under a tree. Simple as can be! Bring it on spring!

JOELIX.com | Spring at Merci Paris shop white shell chandelier

JOELIX.com | Spring at Merci Paris shop white shell chandelier and white table setting

12 thoughts on “Spring at Merci Paris

    1. Wohoowwww hurray for bulbs!! You know what? The 3 little bulbs I had last year and planted in the garden when they lost their freshness, are coming up! Also spotted tulips & daffodils… not long now!

  1. YAY for green! I see green everywhere too and it is a refreshing color to me and my senses. As always, your photos are just stunning!!!! Big hug to you! Jocelyn xx

  2. There certainly seems to be an upward trend for indoor greens. I spotted some amazing indoor plants on display at the Conran shop recently. I think a very very early morning trip to the Covent garden flower market is in order. looking forward to seeing the challenge end results. xx

    1. Indeed, I think you should hop by the flower market some time soon ;) Some greens or flowers bring in the spring that we all need so much right now. Have a great weekend, Geraldine!

  3. Oh Judith-Merci is so at the top of my list to visit-I haven't been to Paris for 15 years-what a crime!! The shop looks so wonderful and this plant looks exactly like my twisted willow in the garden-whether it is or not, I don't know!! The kids are on half term holiday this week, so my Urban Jungle post will be late-so sorry!! x

    1. Hi Caroline! No worries for the UJB post… I'm super curious what you'll come up with though! Enjoy the holiday with the kids, that's way more important ;) And really, has it been 15 years since you last were in Paris? I think you should come some time soon ;) And you may be right about the willow, someone else suggested that to me too! Have a lovely weekend! xx

  4. You are FAST! The rustic charm appeals to my tropical heart. Thank you for our lovely Marais afternoon and for finally taking me to Merci. I feel 1,204x more chic and happening now ;)

    1. Hahahaha you made me laugh ;) Me too I really enjoyed our “little” walk! We should do it again soon (and I think we will… without stroller ;) ) Enjoy the weekend, Deepa! And looking forward to your Paris recap as well. The then/now looked fab!

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