The Recollection Antwerp - The Recollection Antwerp

I love shops where it's not only about products, but also about styling and creating a unique setting. And when shop owners decide to add some greens… you know I'm in 😉 Some of my favorites include HAY House in Copenhagen and La Maison Pernoise in the Provence, but this weekend I discovered a new favorite in Antwerp, called The Recollection.

In the Kloosterstraat, not far from the former RA13 store (they moved to Kleine Markt 7-9), the team of The Recollection proposes a wonderful selection of furniture, lighting, books by 't Stad leest, fashion & accessories, cosmetics by Aesop, objects, ceramics, plants and flowers. It feels like a mix of urban jungle and a cabinet of curiosities. Different from anything I'd ever seen, yet so contemporary and personal: a shop filled with objects of desire. - The Recollection Antwerp

Unfortunately you're not allowed to take pictures inside, so I'll leave you with the (pretty) store front and a few images from their Facebook page. But I promise, it's way better in real life. - The Recollection Antwerp

The Recollection carries brands like Maison Martin Margiela /// Petite Friture /// Piet Hein Eek /// The Gentle Factory /// Jars /// Studio Simple /// Les Rebelges /// Labels Inc. /// Nico Uytterhaege /// 't Stad Leest /// and is collected by BVVD, styled by Uber & Kosher and young talent is scouted by ♥ Studio Attenzione - The Recollection Antwerp

The Recollection /// Kloosterstraat 54 /// 2000 Antwerpen /// +32 3 257 36 14
Open every monday, wednesday to saturday: 10:30-18:30 sunday: 12-18

10 thoughts on “The Recollection Antwerp

  1. Looks really nice. But I don't understand why some stores still have this policy of NO PICTURES! That seams so outdated. I mean are they afraid somebody is going to steal their ideas? Or that somebody is taking a bad picture of their stores. I don't get that.

    1. I know! Isn't it frustrating? As usual I asked and they explained that they'd lose prestigious brands like Aesop if “everyone” would take random pictures of the shop & those brands, that wouldn't match their brand policies. They told me they had plenty of images “I could use” on Facebook, but their quality is just terrible. I think they simply don't know how it works and that they're afraid (of anything!)…

      1. Yeah, it's a little bit over dated and they don't really know about the power of being featured by independent sources like blogs. Tought!

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