We’re trendy…

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My eye spotted lots of copper in Stockholm. It's such a trendy "color". Just before leaving for Sweden, I read this lovely style report on Modern Copper by Chloé Douglas on Rena Tom's blog. Maybe it unconsciously opened my eyes to copper?
Above the famous Tom Dixon suspensions at restaurant Hjerta. And there's copper on their bar as well:

And David Taylor's concrete & copper candle holders, spotted at Konsthantverkarna:

And more suspension lights in copper: these are called Levels by Form Us With Love and won the Form+1 Award for best new product at the Stockholm furniture fair.

I like the kitschy-ness of copper and think it's very 2013, although I don't think it would look good in my home. The only copper object I own, is a vintage pudding mold. Oh and my marriage is copper too, so we are pretty trendy! And you? Do you like copper?

14 thoughts on “We’re trendy…

  1. I must admit that this copper mania is a little too much for me lately – I actually don't have anything against it, but it's becoming so veeeeeeery trendy. I do like the copper bar in that first picture a lot, though, because it's not all polished like in the current copper trend but a littler rougher. Nice!

    1. Yeah, copper is sooooo trendy! The bar is indeed a bit more rough and reminds me of those traditional copper pots (which you can still buy everywhere in France… of course)… For my own home I completely skip this trend too ;o)

  2. Copper is such a lovely material to use in industrial style interiors. I love it with grey, concrete gray, muted colors. Also lovely with light greens/blues and dark greys. I do not have much in copper color at home though, maybe it does not look industrial enough ;-) So copper is the material symbolizing 12,5 years of marriage? Lovely color then. How about 20 years? Do you know?

    1. Nice color combo suggestions, Stefania!
      Yeah, in Holland & Denmark 12 1/2 is called copper. Twenty is platinum, so does that mean you have to start re-decorating? ;o)

      1. Oh platinum sound very good. I will celebrate next may :-)
        My house is not finished yet, let's say decorating is an ongoing process for me. I would definitely like to make it more industrial but I hope for my next place to be a huge rough loft kind of thing, wich makes things easier than achieving such results in a traditional italian new construction on the hills where I am now.
        I can try something anyway ;-)

        1. Exactly, nothing wrong with trying! An interior that doesn't evolve is quite boring anyway ;o) And maybe it's interesting to combine your traditional Italian base with industrial elements. Sometimes the unexpected combination makes it even more interesting than a picture-perfect place…

  3. I do like the copper trend, beats that clinical, contemporary stainless steel look. I like the way it accentuates a monochromic black and white decor. It also looks great on the inside of a votive candle holder, the reflection of that flicker is simply hypnotising. x

    1. Wow that sounds amazing Geraldine! Copper is definitely warmer than stainless steel and goes well with candlelight too. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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