A week in the West

JOELIX.com | Olonne-sur-Mer lighthouse France

We didn't know this part of France: we spent a week in Western France, just above La Rochelle, in the armpit of the country called La Vendée. A week of exploring, sleeping and relaxing near the ocean: bliss! We rented a little house in the dunes and headed out to small cities like Olonne-sur-Mer, Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie and Jard-sur-Mer… But we preferred the seaside in between where we looked for buoys, but only found these beautiful stones.

JOELIX.com | Olonne-sur-Mer sea France

It wasn't as sunny as in Paris, but we found some interesting color combinations in Les Sables d'Olonne:

JOELIX.com | Olonne-sur-Mer France

JOELIX.com | pink mint beige Olonne-sur-Mer France

JOELIX.com | Olonne-sur-Mer France

The Atlantic Ocean was never far, with its strong waves and relaxing sounds and of course I took way too many sea pictures 😉

JOELIX.com | the Atlantic Ocean in France

JOELIX.com | beachhouse French coast

JOELIX.com | oyster buoys with flags

And with the Oean comes fish and sea food. This man was fishing for sardines:

JOELIX.com | Sardine fishing at the Atlantic Coast in France

We hopped over to the island of Noirmoutier where we walked along several salt marches. I just loved the small cabans where they sell salt. The marketing is brilliant, just SALT:

JOELIX.com | Salt in Ile de Noirmoutier France

JOELIX.com | Salt in Ile de Noirmoutier France

The advantage of traveling in the off season is that it was very quiet everywhere, we walked along emtpy beaches with only a few Sanderlings. The tides of the Ocean are strong near the island and when we wanted to leave, this is what the road to the continent looked like:

JOELIX.com | Ile de Noirmoutier France

But we were lucky: l'ile de Noirmoutier also has a bridge! And this Wednesday I'll take you to the next island of our trip: the beautiful Ile de Ré! I loved it and hope you'll join me!

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  1. It reminds me of Guillaume's grandparents holiday house that they had at Fouras… G and I would go there together, visit the fish markets. Love that place, such a great holiday vibe. Lovely photos Judith. Nothing beats a getaway! Mel xx

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