Back home from the South of France - Lavender fields in Provence

Our 3 weeks in the South of France were super relaxing. We swam in the Mediterranean, hiked in the Alpilles and Estérel mountains, visited some exciting urban jungles and museums, and above all: soaked up all the sunshine we could. I wish I could share scents through my blog, because the Provence and Côte d'Azur always smell so wonderful. Even in october! Pine trees, oleasters, fruity apple trees, wild rosemary, fresh figs, olive trees and of course: the Mediterranean.

And because I can't believe that the december festivities are coming fast I'll share some sun drenched pictures with you today: - Fish in the harbour of Marseille

I know it's super cheesy, but I just love palm trees. Of course I brought home new kinds of palm tree seeds to grow in my greenhouse. And also a bunch of cactus plants and some fig tree branches. - palm trees in Cannes on the French Riviera

Every morning we woke up to new colors, from pink… - sunset on the Mediterranean in the South of France

… to silver … - a silver Mediterranean sea in the South of France

… and everything in between… Bliss! - Back home from the South of France

But for now this sunshine will have to do. It's back to business and from a lovely Indian summer we fall right into fall with heavy rain and storms…
I hope you all are well! Are you in full pumpkin mode already?

18 thoughts on “Back home from the South of France

  1. welcome back … well it must be a shock the changing weather with the heavy storms right now. Your pictures are amazing (as usual) and you'll keep the sunshine within you for a couple of months still just by looking at them … and then you'll have to come back here and we'll have the chance too see each other again ;-) have a lovely day xx

    1. Hahaha that's what I plan on doing, coming back asap for more sunshine! It was so nice and relaxing and beautiful and empty (no tourists!) in the midi… bummer we didn't get to meet, but soon we will :)

    1. Thanks Mandi! Absolutely, if my vitamin D level drops in the next winter months I'll just look at these pictures ;) Nothing better than the real thing though. Hope you're well!

  2. I had seen some of your lovely pics already on IG. Welcome back! The best vacation time is always in low season. Sept./Oct. are my favorite month too to still catch some sun and enjoy desert beaches and spaces. Beautiful pictures, Judith!

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