The Typography of Travel 21

Beautiful HAND written or HAND crafted typography spotted on some of my travels:

Dynamo @ Grand Palais – Paris, France
Kliim hairdresser – Copenhagen, Denmark
Bruno & Joel shoes – Copenhagen, Denmark
Mant – Copenhagen, Denmark
Photography museum & café – Malmö, Sweden
Recycling bin Prinzessinnengarten – Berlin, Germany
Exclusiv Golf de Raray – Raray, France

For all previous editions of The Typography of Travel, click here. Also, if you'd like to contribute beautiful type from your travels to this series, drop me a line!

4 thoughts on “The Typography of Travel 21

  1. Great photos of typography J. I like the Frisor one. In fact, I noticed there were many hairdressers around in Copenhagen, literally every street. Did you notice that too? Have a wonderful week. x

    1. Funny, I noticed that too: hairdressers everywhere, although it struck me even more in Stockholm. Scandinavians have the best haircuts ever, super hip & avant garde. I love it :) Have a lovely Halloween week, Geraldine!

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