Bee Nirvana

By now you probably know that I have been discovering plenty of new things in my neighborhood during my runs. A few weeks ago, I ran across these amazing flower beds full of the most bright and colorful flowers. So rich & diverse that I couldn't stop taking pictures with my phone. Of course I had to come back with a proper camera. Only to find that the flowers were starting to fade. That's why I allowed myself to pick a little bouquet:

The person responsible for these flowers deserves kudos. I counted over twenty colors & varieties of cornflowers, daisies, poppies and gerberas! Also, I'd love to know where he/she got this flower mix: it would be so awesome to fill our entire garden with these beauties next summer! And create a true bee nirvana!

What are the rules for picking flowers in public spaces? Do you ever pick flowers outside your own home or garden? Do you feel guilty?

18 thoughts on “Bee Nirvana

  1. I don't in London. I feel guilty taking flowers from the parks. when I'm visiting my folks it's different. there are plenty of proper meadows with wild flowers everywhere. unfortunately, they are always covered in bugs…

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Petra. Me too, I don't feel comfortable with picking flowers from a park. Those flowers are there to be enjoyed by many! There were so many of these flowers on the side of the road, that I thought no one would miss a few ;)

  2. I love that you gave them a new place to be enjoyed, what a kind gesture! The colors are so bright and refreshing! This made me smile, thank you. x

  3. I must admit that picking flowers is one of my guilty pleasures…. :O
    I have rules, though.
    I only pick them where there is abundance, otherwise no-one else would see their beauty, and mostly (erhm) flowers “in the wild”, and never from people's gardens. I feel guilty and yet not. Every year again, eventually, they will be destroyed by some mowing machine (2 weeks ago they finished a lot of flowers!). And i take a lot of pictures instead of picking them.

    1. Thanks Lein, I think I share your point of view and rules. I'm sure these flower beds will be mowed in a few weeks too. And sometimes I just can't help myself ;) Another rule that I have is to never pick red poppies because they won't survive (and I love them too much for that hahaha).

  4. Judith I totally agree with you, I'd love the same mix for my garden. I think I never saw something so pretty and bright with so much purples (that I love!). I pick wild flowers from the fields sometimes and a lot of flowers from my garden. I love to have flowers at home so I never feel guilty as I think flowers do die at some point anyway.
    The plant will survive and life goes on :-)
    ps: the flowers look great in your place.

    1. Once I'll find out the mix, I'll let you know! Your point of view is a good way to get rid of the guilt: all flowers die at some point :D Thanks for your kind words Stefania!

  5. Oh geez…my kids have been picking flowers in public places for years! I always tell them not to but it's sweet that they want their mama to have beautiful flowers! As usual, I'm in love with your photos. So bright and colourful.

  6. Me too!! I love this pics and the colors of those flowers are simply spectacular!! I hope you can find the person who made this patch of heaven and thank them, maybe get a few tips to share with us?
    I used to pick flowers from people's gardens when I was little, but it is no longer a habit of mine, of course I haven't encountered flowers like these!

    1. Merci Giova! I'm trying to find the person at the mayor's office. Can't wait to find out more, of course I'll share any outcome :)

  7. Prachtige bloemen, wat een kleuren en wat mooi idd om die in je eigen tuin te hebben. Alleen een geschikte plek is soms moeilijk. Erg mooi. Prachtige foto's ook!! Fijn weekend.

    1. Dankje Martine! Ben inderdaad erg benieuwd of ze bij ons in de tuin zouden willen groeien. Eerst 'ns kijken of ik de zaadjes gekocht kan krijgen… Geniet van de rest van het weekend! xx

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