Botanical Garden in Munich | Botanical Garden in Munich

In every new capital or large city that I visit I try to visit the botanical garden. They are my happy place and most of the time they are SO very beautiful, refreshing and remind me how amazing tropical and exotic jungle actually are. When in Munich a few weeks ago, we had a little photoshoot at the Botanischer Garten München-Nymphenburg for our upcoming #urbanjunglebook. But I couldn't help but snap a few pictures myself as well. Just like at the Cactus Oase, there were lots of flowering cacti everywhere. The large greenhouse was closed for renovation, unfortunately, but there was enough left to see. Join me for a little virtual tour: | Botanical Garden in Munich

It was raining when we visited the botanical garden, but inside the greenhouses it was even more humid and lush. And look at those deep hues of the Begonia brevirimosa: | Botanical Garden in Munich

Beautiful Aechmea gamosepala (if I'm not mistaken), large ephiphytes that grow on other plants or trees and mainly derive their moisture and nutrients from the air and rain. | Botanical Garden in Munich | Botanical Garden in Munich

Don't you love the variety of all these leaves? | Botanical Garden in Munich

A highlight of the garden: dwarf pink bananas! Musa velutina peel themselves when they're ripe and I was told they taste delicious, while being extremely seedy. I think they look amazing! I'd love to have a banana tree (even a normal one) at home, but unfortunately our cats love their sweet leaves too much. They once entirely destroyed a small banana plant, so sad… | Botanical Garden in Munich

Mr. Urban Jungle himself caught Instagramming: | Botanical Garden in Munich

A large variety of succulents, bromeliads, agaves… and cacti! | Botanical Garden in Munich

More epiphytes: | Botanical Garden in Munich

Also part of the botanical garden: a large Alice in Wonderland garden with lots of blooming flowers, pinapples on the pavillions and lots of rain: | Botanical Garden in Munich

What do you think? I really liked this botanical garden. It's not extremely big (although the largest greenhouse was closed, so it is normally bigger) but lush, rather well maintained with a rough edge.
If you love botanical gardens as much as I do, you may enjoy checking out my posts of botanical gardens in: Valencia /// Monaco /// Amsterdam /// Paris /// Helsinki /// South of France. Do you have a favorite botanical garden? | Botanical Garden in Munich

Botanischer Garten München-Nymphenburg /// Menzinger Straße 61 /// 80638 München, Germany /// +49 89 17861 316
Check opening hours on the website

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  1. Hahahah well bravo, I really did not notice you snapping a pic of me there!!! Great to see 'our' botanical garden through your lens!!!

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