Bzzz Bzzz from Burgundy

If there would be one profession I would ever "consider", it would be beekeeper. Being surrounded by the zooming "bzzz" of my bees and eating honey, Royal Jelly & pollen every day sounds bliss. I would have to work hard, because from what I know, it's quite a lot of work to be a good beekeeper.
Of course I would also LOVE to design some pretty honey packaging for my honey! It's one of my dream assignments as a graphic designer.

Ever since watching "The secrets of the beehive" on France5, I have been spotting more & more beehives. And to my surprise many of the beehive boxes are multi colored! Another reason for me to love this profession!

On another beehive note: remember I went to The Hive last year? The Hive is a European blog conference and a truly buzzing place where bloggers meet, share and learn. Yesterday I bought my ticket for The Hive 2013 on May 25th and 26th in Berlin. Will I see you there?

15 thoughts on “Bzzz Bzzz from Burgundy

  1. What lovely beehives;)

    I reckon it's a tough job but I know a couple of beekeepers and they thoroughly love it!

    LOVE the buzzig bee animation.
    Happy weekend!

  2. I always think about Sherlock Holmes when I think about beekeepers. He retired at some point to be one.
    Love that you return to The Hive!


  3. It's also my dream to become a beekeeper. And I would of course have multi-coloured hives! I also heard that making really localized honey can help a lot with those pesky spring time allergies and hayfever.

    Really looking forward to The Hive as well!!

    1. Haha we would be beekeeper buddies! Yes, local honey & pollen and Royal Jelly are beneficial for many things (also helps healing minor skin wounds & burns). But above all, it tastes so good! See you in May!

  4. Ooh wat mooi zeg die bijenhuisjes (of bijenkorven? ojee, ik geloof niet dat ik imker moet worden…)
    En The Hive? Klinkt leuk zeg! Mag iedere blogger daar naar toe?
    Fijn weekend!

    1. The Hive is heel erg leuk, iedere blogger is welkom. Lijkt me gezellig om je daar te ontmoeten! Voor meer info:

  5. Lijkt mij ook heel gezellig om jou daar te ontmoeten! Wilde dit jaar al eens naar Berlijn gaan :)Ik zal een op de The Hive site kijken. Hoe t allemaal moet/gaat/enzo. Kijken of er iemand mee wil!
    Fijne avond!

  6. De site ziet er goed uit! Klinkt reuzeleuk! Ga jij trouwens alleen? En is het etentje op zaterdag ook voor iedereen? En is het handig om hun gesponsorde verblijfplaats/hotel te boeken?(Sorry voor de vele vragen!)

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