Cacto Cacto in Madrid | Cacto Cacto in Madrid

Cacto Cacto is THE place in Madrid where you can stock up on beautiful cactus plants and succulents. For our #urbanjunglebook we recently gathered some of our favorite plant shops from around the world and this one was also on our list. And while I love checking out the most inspiring instagram accounts of some plant shops, visiting them in real life is so much better. You get to talk to the passionate shop owners and appreciate all the species from up close. Cacto Cacto: what's in a name? This shop is entirely dedicated to cactus plants! A bit like Les Succulents Cactus here in Paris, but with a completely different range of plants and the decor is very different as well. Check it out: | Cacto Cacto in Madrid

Mini succulents and cacti at display in the shop… which one would you pick? | Cacto Cacto in Madrid

Some more outdoor plants, to turn your Madrilan terrace or balcony into a green oasis: | Cacto Cacto in Madrid

It's nearly impossible find any big and tall cacti here near Paris, but at Cacto Cacto they had some impressive ones. Unfortunately they didn't fit in my suitcase 😉 | Cacto Cacto in Madrid | Cacto Cacto in Madrid

As an extra bonus, Cacto Cacto has two fantastic neighbors: a plant shop and a flower shop! At Margarita se llama mi amor you'll find an impressive variety of houseplants, like Ficus lyrata, Calathea, Zamioculca, ferns and palms. And not just small potted plants for a window sill, but also tall mini trees and lush foliage statement pieces. The flower shop is also pretty amazing. I'm not sure if it was because I visited during the Madrid Gay Pride weekend, but their fresh cut flowers were organised in a rainbow gradient | Cacto Cacto in Madrid

Small hanging terrariums with mini succulents in the shopwindow: | Cacto Cacto in Madrid

Cacto Cacto /// Calle Fernando VI, 7 /// 28004 Madrid /// Spain /// +34 913 10 38 84

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    1. Thanks Lisa! We're so lucky here in Europe with some amazing plant shops and nurseries. But there are some wonderful plant shops in the US on my must-visit list too. Have you ever been to Fern Shop Cincinnati? It's not in Detroit, I know, but still ;)

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