Espacio Brut in Madrid | Espacio Brut in Madrid

When I walked into Espacio Brut my designer heart skipped a beat: stunning colors, handmade contemporary wooden furniture and even a few plants and exciting plant pots! Welcome to this design shop in the heart of Madrid, filled with delicious Spanish design items and furniture! | Espacio Brut in Madrid

Even though I'm not a big carpet lover (our cats would only destroy them with their paws), I really feel this striking color combo. What's not to love about this sleek design of the Banko01 bench and interesting Humilite carpet by Valentin Garal: | Espacio Brut in Madrid

A mini exhibition with work of Juan Carlos López Davis in the gallery of the store, paired with the Espacio Brut custom furniture: | Espacio Brut in Madrid

I had an immediate crush on the new Silla03 chair with its touch of Jean Prouvé. The wooden finish and min green color are amazing. The chair also comes in red: | Espacio Brut in Madrid

And a matching sideboard / bookcase / cabinet, that comes in two pieces: the legs and top:

Espacio Brut also carries brands like String, Iittala, Muuto, Rouge du Rhin, Sisman, Duplex papeles mínimos and the cool plant pots called Faceta by Studio Francesc Gasch and graphic artwork (the circles in the first picture) by Toni Ferrer. A must visit in Madrid, if you love good design.

Espacio Brut /// Calle Pelayo 68 /// Madrid /// +34 910 258 963

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  1. Hi Judith
    I am Braulio. we knew at espacioBRUT. we were talking for a while and it was really interesting.
    It is always welcome that somebody appreciates your work more if the comments come from a great professional like you.
    Thank you for your comments and your beautiful pics. Please consider our espacio as your home from now on.
    Best regards
    Braulio R.

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