Flowers for guests | White flowers at home anemones and Indian cress fresh spring floral composition

Maybe you remember that I was taking pictures of some flowers a few weeks ago? Well, it was a real challenge: the cats were super curious and wouldn't keep away from the florals. They actually nibbled on a few leaves too. It was almost like the florist added some catnip to the bouquet.
So I decided to create a flower composition for our cat-free guest room. Because what's more welcoming than fresh flowers, right? Today you can see the results live at Fashion for Home (in german) or here (in dutch).
Do you ever surprise your guests with fresh flowers in their room? | White flowers at home anemones and Indian cress fresh spring floral composition

10 thoughts on “Flowers for guests

  1. You assume everyone has guest rooms:-))

    Nice write up on FFH and nice shot shere.
    You know I will never be able to look at you differently now. All I see
    Is that little adorable girl with a magnifying glass. Just beyond adorable!!!

    1. Thanks Lena, that's so kind :) It was a bit tricky to style photos in some of the darkest weeks of the year, but well… Hope you enjoyed your weekend too?

  2. Lovely post here, Judith! I love flowers in every room AND especially in a room I have made up for a guest. It adds a little extra thoughtfulness to an already prepared space. Your photography blows me away every time! Oh, and did I tell you I collect Byredo candles and perfume? Your running every day is my Byredo lol! Thank you for sharing this with us! Have a wonderful weekend xx

    1. Oh really? You collect Byredo candles & scents? When in Stockholm you should ABSOLUTELY stay at the Skeppsholmen hotel. Their entire hotel has a custom Byredo scent, their entire staff is styled in Acne clothing and their rooms: gorgeous, stylish and very Nordic. You'll love it!

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