Fracas gallery in Brussels | Fracas gallery in Brussels #fracas #ceramics #brussels

Sometimes when you least expect it, you discover a gem that gives you hope. Or at least that’s how I feel when I walk into creative spaces that propose a unique vision. I felt it at a fashion shop in Berlin, that a dear friend introduced me to, a few months ago. And I felt it again when I visited Fracas Gallery in Brussels last month. The pin on the map on my phone said “Cool gallery Camille Esnée”. I pinned a few months earlier just in case I’d be in Brussels in the near future. And yes it was really cool, and yes they had pieces of French ceramist Camille Esnée on display. And yes the space looked amazing: bright, spacious, with lots of cool old details, tiles & bricks, and houses an amazing collection of contemporary ceramics, design and art. And even a lush plantshelfie above the desk. I already shared quite a bit in Stories, but as I took so many photos, I wanted to share it with you here on the blog too. If you’re ever in Brussels: tag Fracas gallery on your map 😉 You won’t be disappointed! | Fracas gallery in Brussels #fracas #ceramics #brussels

In their own words: “Initiated by two creatives, FRACAS is a platform dedicated to art, design and contemporary craft. Based in the center of Brussels, FRACAS is a concept-space that combines a workshop and an exhibition gallery where we exhibit and sell self-edited works of artists, designers and contemporary craftspeople. The space welcomes curated exhibitions and themed collections that gather together the work of creative minds from different fields, aiming to allow the general public to discover nice and original works. Conceptualized as a participatory structure for self-edited works of artists and designers, FRACAS puts the makers in front of the public without taking any commission on the sales, insuring the makers receive a fair income, and the clients pay honest prices”. | Fracas gallery in Brussels #fracas #ceramics #brussels

There was one peculiar thing in this gallery: none of the items had name tags or information about the item or artist. Which means you simply look at the pieces and can only admire them for what they seem like to you, without any context. I believe this can be really nice and refreshing, plus you don’t have any disturbing stickers or descriptions on the wall that tell you more about the artist or work. But sometimes a little bit of context and the techniques used, can be helpful to better understand the artwork. That’s where the Fracas website comes in: you can find more information about all items and artists there and in their webshop. This also allows the Fracas team to restyle the different corners of the gallery very easily, which keeps it interesting 😉 

Above: the works of Studio Jephrïm, Soha (and others). | Fracas gallery in Brussels #fracas #ceramics #brussels | Fracas gallery in Brussels #fracas #ceramics #brussels

Beautiful details from the building’s former life: | Fracas gallery in Brussels #fracas #ceramics #brussels

Tradescantia, Calathea and Rhipsalis: | Fracas gallery in Brussels #fracas #ceramics #brussels

My favorites: this shelf with ceramics by Emmanuel Chevrel, Cécile Bichon, Alisson Thirion and Julia Huteau: | Fracas gallery in Brussels #fracas #ceramics #brussels

In the shop window a selection of pastel colored vases by Laurin Schaub, Sarah Pschorn, Messgewand, Alissa Volchkova (and others): | Fracas gallery in Brussels #fracas #ceramics #brussels

The HOOK by Camille Esnée, who I follow on Instagram (because she makes beautiful work) and that introduced me to Fracas in her Instagram Stories a while ago. And a large piece by Julia Huteau: | Fracas gallery in Brussels #fracas #ceramics #brussels

Wall sculpture by Anton Reijnders, vases by Sarah Pschorn, lamp by Bultin: | Fracas gallery in Brussels #fracas #ceramics #brussels

Wall sculpture and vases and plate by Fanny Richard, Tradescantia pallida cutting, stool by Soha: | Fracas gallery in Brussels #fracas #ceramics #brussels | Fracas gallery in Brussels #fracas #ceramics #brussels

The plantshelfie above the desk, pendant light by Schneid: | Fracas gallery in Brussels #fracas #ceramics #brussels | Fracas gallery in Brussels #fracas #ceramics #brussels | Fracas gallery in Brussels #fracas #ceramics #brussels

Fracas Gallery /// rue des Chartreux 82 /// 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to pm

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