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Yayy! I'm throwing a little party, because I just went on my 200th run! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that after each run I post a picture, usually of my shoes and something colorful. My instagram series #joelixruns has been so motivating for me throughout the past fifteen months and the support has been heartwarming. A BIG thank you to all my virtual cheerleaders: you are the best! | #joelixruns instagram series cards

To celebrate my victory properly I teamed up with the brand of my running kicks: Kalenji. Last year when I decided to start running, I went to the nearest Decathlon and tried on all the running shoes they had in store. I had to set aside my usual shoe-habit and choose the most comfortable shoes instead of the prettiest. Function over vanity: not very easy for someone who never wears sneakers, like me 😉 | #joelixruns instagram series cards

Finally a pair of Kalenji SD (short distance) running shoes came home with me and I loved them. No blisters, good support, very lightweight and as a bonus: a fun color for my running pictures too. When choosing my second pair, I did a little bit more research on all the technical aspects of the shoes. I learned about pronation, flexibility and ways to tie my shoelaces. I chose these Kalenji Kiprun MD (medium distance) in white, pink, purple and neon green. They have a little bit more cushioning, which I like, even though I still don't run "official" medium distances.

And now… the best part: three of you can win a pair of Kalenji Kiprun shoes! You can choose between SD, MD or LD (small, medium or long distance) and your kind of pronation. Which means women can choose any of the running shoes below: | Win a pair of Kalenji Kiprun running shoes

Men can win any of these: | Win a pair of Kalenji Kiprun running shoes

And because I'm a graphic designer after all, I'll add a set of postcards to the package: | #joelixruns instagram series cards

To win a pair of Kalenji Kiprun running shoes (SD, MD, LD for men or women in your size) and a set of postcards:

Follow me on Instagram (or Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest if you prefer)

Leave a comment below

The three lucky winners will be announced on September 26th. The giveaway is open for everyone worldwide: I'm happy to ship around the world 🙂 Good luck!

This giveaway is now closed. The 3 winners are: Argone, Ursula and Joyce. They have been contacted and will receive their pair of Kalenji running shoes and postcards shortly! Thanks everyone for playing and the running support!

Kalenji kindly offered 3 pairs of running shoes to 3 of my readers, but all opinions and pictures are my own. Merci Kalenji!

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  1. Wow, what a cool giveaway, Judith! Of course I am following you everywhere already and now I only have to keep my fingers crossed for such a cool pair of running shoes. I guess I'd be forced to start my own running challenge then:-)

  2. Je suis très heureuse de participer pour une paire moyenne distance (heu je ne sais pas trop à quoi ça correspond, je cours en général 8 à 10 km par séance) je te suis sur instagram avec plaisir !(argone69) ; encore merci pour ce concours !

  3. Happy 200th run, Judith!I'd like to think I'd look pretty fabulous in one of those neon-colored running puppies, on my laps!

    – Kris

  4. Congratz! Gefeliciteerd! Whoohoo! Proud of you! I love your Instagram photos and they did pop the question in my mind… perhaps some exercise wouldn't be such a bad idea after blogging & baking for the past few years;-) You got me moving Judith;-) I would love to run in style (black & pink would be perfect)! Keep up the great running job and keep posting those great photos! – An

  5. Love love love these shoes (anything with pink would do ;-)) ! I am a short track runner and my main focus is clearing my mind. Now being pregnant with twins so I definitely have some catching up to do when they arrive. How can I do that better than with a new fresh pair of awesome shoes?! 💞

  6. Congrats with your 200th run Judith and Thanks for thinking of me. Would be perfect timing, winning these shoes 2 days before my birthday and the Berlin Marathon (-:

  7. Yeah!! Congratulations with your achievement! Many happy runnings and pictures to you ;-)

    Since I already follow you for years on instagram, I guess this comment should be satisfactional enough for applying for those give-away shoes? ;-)

  8. I absolutely want to win!!!!! i would love to start running, but I hate my running shoes… beautiful ones would help, but it's so hard to find nice ones here…. snif snif lol

  9. Ahh les couleurs de ces baskets sont vraiment sympas ! Ça motive bien pour courir :D je te suis sur insta, je suis @latouta ! Ton blog est top et bravo pour tes 200 courses ! Merci !

  10. I really want to win this because is so beautiful,awesome and nice shoes.I like to win a pair for men :)

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    @andupustiu17 ( Twitter ) Allexinno Alexys ( Facebook )

  11. Goed voorbeeld doet goed volgen! Ik volg je al een tijdje en steeds word ik verrast door weer een mooie foto. Maar niet alleen de mooie foto's inspireren me, ook het rennen. Dat heeft ertoe geleid dat ik sinds juni ook ben gaan rennen. En ondertussen heb al meer dan 50 runs gedaan. Ik ben 67 jaar en hoop nog veel te mogen rennen. Misschien wel op nieuwe Kalenji schoenen ;-))

  12. Wow, that's a seriously appealing burst of colour. And congratulations on your 200th run! I can total see how the #joelixruns would be an appealing part of the running habit. It's got me thinking; after all, I need all the motivation I can muster!

  13. I aim so proud my husband is running on his 67 age! So I hope I hope to surprise him with new shoes!

    And I like the postcards so much!

  14. Congrats!! And a big thank you for the international invitation! :) Following via Facebook and Pinterest (Chantal Wiggill)

  15. Thank you for the giveaway!
    I follow Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

    I like the LADIES' KIPRUN MD AW RUNNING SHOES fluo yellow pink.

  16. Super giveaway, thanks!
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  17. Well done, Judith! I started running recently and would be delighted to win a pair of these funky shoes as well as a piece of your art.

  18. Congrats on your 200!! :D
    Thank you for the giveaway! :)
    FB: Florinda Fraccalvieri
    IG: @florindaf82
    e-mail: floryfrancy(at)inwind(dot)it

    Finger crossed! ;)

  19. i would love to win one pair! OMG … (I wish)
    i followed everything!

    IG :
    T :
    P :

  20. wow so you're also a graphic designer. that's awesome :D thanks for the chance! :) nice shoes.

    followed in twitter: @mjudyc and fb: marceline judith

  21. Hi Judith,
    I followed all 200 runs on Instagram. I was wondering what you were going to do with it.
    The cards are looking very cool.
    I want to join the giveaway. After 11 months of not running because of an injury, now is the time to start all over again for me.
    Fingers crossed :)

  22. This is exactly what i need! Thank you for this awesome giveaway!These running shoes look really great,i'm following you on Twitter and Pinterest:) Greetings from Europe and good luck to all!

  23. Congrats!! to you and thanks so much for giving us this Awesome!! giveaway :)

  24. Following you on Instagram! I adore these shoes!

    Thank you for the chance!


  25. Congratulations & happy 200th!

    Followed on all four:

    I wish to gift my wife with those if ever…

    You are amazing…good job!

  26. I have followed on facebook & twitter and would like to take part in the giveaway. Thanks very much for the opportunity to win these awesome shoes.

  27. Omg i want win it
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    Thanks so much!!!!

  28. I love your posts on Instagram and of course I already follow you :) @chicabeingme !
    And I own a pair of Kalenjis, they are simply the most comfy shoes to run in ! Would love to own a bright pair :) Fingers crossed !

  29. I really need those choose ..I live in Morocco..I'm in kinda poor situation ..I hope from my heart I'll win them :)

  30. Congratulations and thank you so much for the giveaway! x
    I liked and followed everywhere:
    Facebook: Laura Paluoja
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  31. These look great, the vibrant colours are great for running during the dull winter months.
    Following on instagram and pinterest as katieo2500

  32. Wow! I really to win this for my fitness routine every single day. This would push me to work out often. I am planning to take my first fun run this year so hopefully I would win this. Thanks for the chance. ^.^

  33. Wow! I would definitely love to have a single pair of these shoes. Thank you Judith for your kind heart to share. I never really have had used running shoes before since I'm really into it, all I have had to use were sneakers. If ever I would also glad to give this to my mom as an early Christmas gift. She would love it, really.

    1. And oh, I'm gladly following you on twitter ;) It's @WhoduniAlley, and you mentioned too that you're a graphic designer? That's totally awesome! Godspeed!

  34. Congrats on your 200 :)
    Thank you for the giveaway…
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    I love shoes

    mail :

  35. Wow, thank you so much! I really really love running :)
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    Fb and Pinterest: Sara Trojaniello

  36. I would love to win a pair of these shoes! I recently signed up for a 5K, but didn't own any running shoes. Due to my budget, I just picked up what I could find from a discount store. Though the 5K is this coming weekend, I would like to continue running, but would like to continue with a quality pair of shoes!

  37. Maybe If I had to wear real shoes made for running I would ACTUALLY get down the sofa and start moving my butt for good. ヽ(´o`;

  38. I just have to have to have to get back on track again. I am a bad weather runner so what better timing than now?😉 ofcourse I Will #backontrack because what better reason to start running again than to try your new kicks? Ready for them! 😇 liefs,

  39. Ohh your series has been so inspiring Judith – and the images that followed are equally fab :) I'd love to win a pair of these amazing running shoes, because at the moment I only run if something is chasing me, and I'd like to change that ;-) So fingers XXX and thanks for the opportunity xxx
    PS: Follow you pretty much everywhere

  40. I almost missed this! :) of course I loved following your adventures in running and was rooting for you all this time. it makes me happy, makes me want to run, makes me think anything is possible. so please keep on running. xo

  41. Love your pictures!For convincing myself to run,I absoulety need those cool shoes! And those postcards are perfect to make my friends all over the world a little present. :)

  42. Thank you for the giveaway sweety and congrats for your achievement xoxo
    Im a huge fan of gym and working out and to add some nice shoes to my closet is what i want right now after seeing those ^.^
    following you on instagram : @tell_that_girl
    Crossing fingers to win :D

  43. Thank you for the great giveaway! I did them all.

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    Twitter – @contest_crazy
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  44. I am following on Twitter @samdaleo. I would love these, my only worry would be would they be for my son, my daughter, my husband or myself!?

  45. I love your penchant for bright colours! Lot od my friends are running and have been asking me: When are you going to start running?!! And after so many months, I'm pretty much starting this fall. So these running shoes could be much of use for me. Following you on Instagram as @msfandora and Facebook

  46. You know I am do inspired by your runs I started my Pilates series. I need to just remember to capture my class each time. Congratulations on being such an inspiration.

  47. Well done Judith with your running achievements-very motivational! Keep the fantastic work up :) I started running about 2 years ago now and I still have days when I'm slower or find my runs less enjoyable. But I'm always happy and proud that I've gone out and done it! I've run two 10ks and am currently looking for my next one with a friend. I love how colourful these running shoes are! Lou xx

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